Relationships: How To Rekindle Love

How to rekindle love in your relationship

It was Sade who sang “Never as good as the first time” right? That seems to be largely true for a lot of things in life, including romantic relationships. But who says that’s the way the way that it should be.

Why does all the excitement, attractiveness, attentiveness and love have to die just because we finally got what we wanted. The reason why we got what we wanted in the first place was because we put in our best effort. So why not keep putting our best effort every day so that what we wanted can stay what we want?

It is human nature to get complacent and take for granted those things we spent sweat and blood to get, once we get it including our relationships. But it’s not impossible to reignite the love and appreciation that we once had whether its in marriage or romantic relationships in general.

Here’s are some tips to rediscovering and re-igniting the spark;


Relationships can be re-invigorated and passions reignited when partners make a conscious effort to to regularly remember their love journey. Reminiscing on the feelings, thoughts  and experiences they once shared help them to re-experience them and spur them on to create new ones.

Recalling the first times when everything was so perfect and no one could do wrong in each other’s eyes helps to rejig a relationship. Re-living the sweetness of love makes love to come alive again.

Be and Stay Courteous

Harsh words and bad behaviour are some of things that kill love in a relationship. In order to keep a relationship alive and re-invent it from time to time, couples must maintain an emotional awareness that helps them to manage their emotions, exercise self-control and maintain their manners towards each other.

Respectful communication goes a long way in keeping that loving and favourable perspective about each other in an relationship and re-tune the atmosphere. Where this has gone south, a resolve from the couple to go back to their courteous and considerate ways can work wonders even where people thought they were done with the relationship. It is worth the effort.

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