5 Unbelievable Benefits of Cuddling

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Cuddling

5 Unbelievable Benefits of Cuddling

Who doesn’t like cuddling? Whether it’s the little child who can’t get enough of those warm kisses and hug in mama or papa’s embrace or that adult who just need some love, everybody enjoys been held in the warm embrace of someone who loves them. However, cuddling is extra sweet and delicious when it’s shared by two people who mutually crazy about each other. You will always feel good been cuddled by that boyfriend or wife whether you’ve only just said yes to each other or you’ve been at it for more than twenty years.

For those who are single, this is one of the things that make being a relationship very , very attractive and sometimes, it’s seeing to lovebirds cuddling and giving each other love that brings back memories of a lost loved one and that relationship that didn’t work out.  One thing single folks miss a lot is the cuddling in relationships and for those who’ve never had a boo, you’re missing something (this is not an encouragement to rush. Just wait and it’ll be worth it).

There is some interesting and validating news about cuddling. It seems that cuddling  is actually as good as it looks and feel because guess what? Cuddling actually has scientifically back benefits. Imagine that.

Benefits of cuddling


You get to release oxytocin, which is a natural hormone that triggers happy feelings and helps you connect with others, whenever you cuddle. When this happens, your body also releases stress and makes you feel more relaxed.

So as you snuggle in the bosom of that special person, your problems seem less burdensome, the world begins to look a little and you feel your confidence being restored to go out and do great things in the world. You cuddle and you just know everything will be alright.
You should cuddle more, you know?

Pain Reliever

It’s not unbelievable because it’s a fact; cuddling actually helps to relieve pain all thanks again to that wonder hormone, oxytocin. When you cuddle, your body releases it and it’s like miracles begin to happen. All those pain begin to get better and as your embrace get tighter, you feel warmer and more relaxed and in a couple of minutes or hours, you might be asking, “Where did all that pain?”

Who’s going to stop you from cuddling now?

Immunity Booster

You guessed it right – oxytocin again! When you’re next to that person, feeling joy and love, you’re getting some body boost. As oxytocin flows, it also helps your body to fight infections; boosting your immune system and setting things right, one hug at a time.

Cuddling doesn’t just make you feel good on the outside or in your head and heart, all your organs and your body system the love and they’ll all happy about it. So when you feel invincible, cuddling and snuggling next to that person, your body’s actually getting more invincible.

You know what this means; you should cuddling more and stay in there longer. It’s helping you get healthier!

Anxiety Reliever

When you cuddling, you feel better and when you feel better, probably in between some sweet words, you begin to think better thoughts and as you think better thoughts, those dark clouds of worry and anxiety begin to fade.  Do you see how it works?

Even when you’re out and about, attending a function or social gathering, getting a hug from that friendly face can help to de-escalate that social anxiety that was building up. Suddenly, you find you’re no longer worried about how you’ll do in such a large gathering. You feel more confident and act more confident believing that you’re going to be fun and have fun at the party.

Makes Life Easier

Oxytocin is the magic wand, yes and once you release it through cuddling, many good feelings come flowing through you and as feel better, you feel happier. That means you get happier when you cuddle.

Cuddling is also a form of communication and you know how important communication is to relationships. When you touch, hug and cuddle after that conversation, after that fight, after a stressful day out or after that intimate time, you’re saying something to each other. You making it clear that you’re there for each and that no matter what happens, it’ll be fine because you’ll have each other. This is an encouragement and affirmation that really makes the burden of life easier. Apart from that, it’s a very intimate and personal time that you can share with your partner or loved one which signals that they mean something to you. Why wouldn’t things get easier.

Our recommendation – cuddle like you take your daily supplements. They do just as much, anyway.