how to show your wife respect 5 THINGS WOMEN NEED IN A RELATIONSHIP
how to show your wife respect

Women do a lot with so little and if they are going to get any further, they need the help of the menfolk.

While it might not be so easy for one man in his corner  to change the life of every woman on the face of the earth, you can do your own little bit to make life easier for that special woman in your life.

Here are 5 things that women need in their relationships:


Women need to be appreciated. This means telling them how much their presence and contribution in a relationship or in a family are valued. This should be expressed regularly, accompanied from time to time with gifts and other thoughtful gestures. Whenever the occasion arises, appreciation and praise should also be given publicly.

This will motivate her to do better and bring her joy.


Guys, don’t take that your wife or girlfriend for granted  just because she finally said yes. Commit yourself to give her your attention; take time to notice and commend that new hairstyle,  that glowing skin or the new dress.

This makes her feel that you still care about her and your relationship is still very connected. Knowing that she is still attractive to you makes her feel good. Don’t disappoint her eagerness to impress you or draw your attention by refusing to pay attention or refusing to acknowledge your observations.


Men need to know that women want them to talk. While this may not be a natural habit, a man who wants his relationship to florish must learn to communicate and express himself with his wife or partner. It is a healthy practice that also helps to prevent the woman in your from assuming and overthinking things

Women have a tendency to worry ; when a man is to too quite or secretive they begin to fill in the gaps with assumptions which makes them to be stressed and in turn brings uneasiness into the relationship. A woman likes it when her man discusses with her and expresses himself.


Women like to talk, they like to make connections and spend quality time with their loved ones. Women also like to be involved in affairs of those they care about, to share activities and experiences with them.

In order to make all these things possible, a man must learn to make time for his woman. This will bring her a satisfaction that brings out her best side and make your relationship deeper.


Don’t expect her to know or remember that you love her. Guys, that woman in your life needs to hear you say it over and over again. Don’t take it for granted.

Let her know how much you love her, the things you love about her, how you fell in love with, etc. Even if you can’t do that, always tell her you love her. Don’t assume that she knows or expect her to live on your past “ I love yous”; she needs to hear you say it regularly.

This makes her to know that the commitment and feeling her mutual and make her feel on top of the world.