5 Signs That You Are Taking Your Partner For Granted

5 Signs That You Are Taking Your Partner For Granted

5 Signs That You Are Taking Your Partner For Granted

Like our gardens, our goods and properties as well as every other important thing in our lives, our relationships and the love we share with our spouses and partners need to be tended. In order for love to continue to abide, we must cultivate and nurture our relationships with love, attention, time and the sacrifice of every other thing we know to be good.

It is, however, unfortunate that many people claim to know that they should not take their loved ones for granted but they do it all the time. While it is not good to take any one of our loved ones including friends and family for granted, it is especially dangerous to take our romantic relationships for granted. While that spouse or boyfriend may love us dearly, we must not forget that when we are no longer meeting the emotional needs of our partners, we are killing the foundation of the relationship and the consequences may be disastrous.

Sometimes, we are not even aware that we are seriously taken of partners for granted especially because of the hustle and bustle, only to discover that we have left thing go sour when it is much too late.

Just in case, you’re one of those who doesn’t know, here are 5 signs that you’re taking your partner for granted:

They’re always the last on your list

While the mark of a good and strong relationship is the ability of partners to understand when the other person is unavailable physically and sometimes emotionally due to the pressures of life. However, this should not be the situation all the time. If you find that you are able to easily push being there for your partner or spending time with him/her behind other things you have to do and think he/she should always understand, you are taking that person for granted.

You never do anything about their requests or complaints

When your partner points out ways that you are hurt him/her or being unfair and you find it easy to ignore these complaints, you are probably taking that person for granted. Similarly, if you just find that you forget or procrastinate about request they have made to you even when you know how important it is to them, then you have probably become too their presence in your life and have begun to value it less. You may get a rude awakening by a serious disagreement or the loss of that person.

You’re No Longer Curious/Interested in What They Do

You know, somehow, that you still love this person but you just find that you are not too bothered or interested in what they get up to. You think you know him/her so well that you’re no longer keen to find out what they got up to or how their day went, you have become complacent about that person and they might just be changing before your very eyes without you taking notice, because you’ve taken them for granted and think they’ll always stay the same.

You don’t talk to them anymore

You’re always busy, you’re always tired, you always have something else to do or somewhere else to be and conversation with that person you once always wanted to be with begins to seem like a luxury you can afford. You are taking that person for granted and you believe he/she will always be there to come back to later. That is a dangerous assumption and you’re seriously taking that person for a ride.

You forget their birthdays and other things of importance

Unless you are naturally forgetful and bad in the area of remembering stuff, consistently forgetting a spouse or a partner’s birthday, the anniversary of your marriage and other important landmark is often a sign that person has begun to take the back-burner in the list of priorities in your heart. If you have forgotten important dates in your relationship or things that matter to your partner more than twice, you need to examine yourself.