Ladies, Don’t Date These Types of Men

men to avoid

Ladies, Don't Date These Types of Men couple men to avoid

Types of men to avoid…

Girl meets boy. Girls likes boy because he is so handsome or cute; he seems so charming. Girl thinks she and boy will live happily ever after. Girl is disappointed because boy lets her down and breaks her heart.

Sometimes, women find themselves attracted to men that are after all, not good for them. Some of them keep trying to make these impossible relationships work. Others swear that if they had just seen some signs to show them that these relationships would turn out no good, they would have heeded the warning.

Well here’s some prevention advice; avoid dating these types of men;


Bad boys

He look good breaking all the rules but girl, he’s not good for you. All that rebellion is unnecessary recklessness and even if he manages not to break the law, he will break your heart eventually. You won’t be able to count on him because he’s not ready to grow up. Stay away.

Club Guys

He is handsome, hot and a great dancer and he can always be found at some club on most nights or weekends.

Before you fall for him, ask yourself if you want to be in a relationship with a guy who keeps this kind of routine. There’s more to life than clubbing and partying and you want a man who knows that, not someone who just wants to have fun.

Broke guys

Money is not everything but it’s a major part of it. You should date a guy who shows financial responsibility; one who understands planning, saving and doing his best to move forward in life.

If he is okay with living from pay check or pay check or he’s fine doing a job that offers no prospects for improving his life when he can do better, you better not entangle yourself with that.

Lazy Men

All he does is daydream, play video games, slouch on the couch, and spend money he’s not willing to earn. If the man you like just can’t seem to get anything done; there’s always an excuse not to get a job or make better of himself, then you probably won’t be able to have a meaningful relationship with him.

If he is not interested in developing himself and doesn’t have any future aspirations (or does not try to actualize any of those he claims to have). You’re dealing with a lazy man, and nothing good could come of trying to hook up with him no matter how cute he is.

Workaholic Men

If he is handsome, smart, charming and successful but has no time for himself and will not be able to make a time for you, what’s the point of dating him?

He may work hard and pay all his bills but if that’s all he has going for him, then you need to step back. You need someone who you can spend quality time with and without having to play second fiddle to his career or timetable.


Mama’s boys

A man who has to consult his mother for every single thing he wants and get her approval before going forward is not grown enough.

Don’t be tempted by how he looks, what he has or what he says, it’s just too much trouble. Save yourself the unnecessary suffering.


Bossy men

He may be responsible and seem caring enough but if he wants to dictate what you can or can’t do, you need to watch out.

If he is too controlling, he may be abusive. If he is only happy when you do what he says, you may be trading away your freedom and peace of mind if you choose to date him.


Wandering Men

It is not so easy to know the kind of man who might end up a cheater but there are still some signs to look out for;

If he is pursuing or wooing you while in a relationship with another woman, you need to be wary. If his eyes keep wandering even when he is on date with you, look out. If you find out that he has lied to you about his location or activities a few times, please be careful, lying always accompanies cheating.

And if you have ventured into the relationship before discovering he was a wanderer, please back out fast. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life being apologized or explained to.