Guys, 6 Cool Ideas For A Marriage Proposal

ideas for making a proposal
ideas for making a proposal

Ideas for making a  proposal

Girls like creative, special proposals even the ones that say they don’t care (at least, half of them). So guys, it won’t hurt if you tried  to do something special if you’re planning to pop the question.

You’ll want both of you to have fond memories of when and how you asked and she said yes, won’t you?

Whatever idea you eventually settle with, there’s one thing that is constant; you have to be yourself. She’s already fallen in love with you and she’s not trying to get married to someone else. So you don’t have to become somebody else to get her to say yes.

Here are some cool ideas to get you going:

The Classic Candle Lit Dinner

This never gets old; a romantic evening, candle lit dinner and beautiful music playing in the background. This kind of romantic mood is a great setting for popping the question.

If you’re one that isn’t into too much drama, or if you’re very conservative, this is suitable. The good thing about this is that you can do it in different ways that suit you, dinner at home with you cooking, at a restaurant, or some other location that you prefer.

What a beautiful way to ask someone if they would spend the rest of their life with you!

On a Special Day

It could be on a holiday or a day that holds a special meaning for her or both of you, like the anniversary of the day you first met.

A lot of guys propose on Valentines day and it is still a good idea. Your lady’s birthday is also a good idea.

On The Radio

This bold move could melt the heart of your sweetheart and make her feel like a queen. Making a proposal to her in front of thousands of people will certainly make her feel special.

However, you have to make sure that she’ll be listening when you call in to make your move. It would be nice if you had them play that song that represents “your” song for both of you before you propose.

T-shirt/Banner Proposal

A t-shirt asking her to marry you is also a cool way to make a marriage proposal. You’ll want to wear this on a day when you’re both in a relaxed mood. So she can see your message and it all won’t end up being awkward and strange.

A banner is good if you’re really nervous or have challenges with expressing your feelings. You will have to place it in a public place where she won’t be the only one to see it. It would be better if you didn’t use her name which everyone knows; use an endearment that you call her and is known only to both of you or very few people. You don’t want her feeling uncomfortable or put on the spot.

Where You First Met

Taking her to the place where you first met and popping the question is a great idea. It will create a great memory that you will both live to cherish and it will sure make her feel special.

Destination Proposal

If you can afford it and you are in the mood to splash some cash, a destination proposal will surely sweep your lady off her feet. You know that place she’s always wanted to visit or that she loves to visit when she can, take her there, pop the question and watch her say yes.

ideas for making a proposal
ideas for making a proposal


Again, it’s important to stress that if this lady is the one, the best way to propose to her would be from your heart. This is what makes how you do it special and not the other way around. Take note and good luck!