5 Things You Should Never Do To A Friend

5 Things You Should Never Do To A Friend

Things You Should Never Do To A Friend

Friendships are really all that and more, especially when they are honest and faithful. Really, there’s no point pursuing friendships if they will not be trustworthy, faithful and loving. When these three things are missing, you can’t reap the benefits of friendships. It’s probably best not to call such a relationship friendship.

Having kind and loyal friends are really a great blessing because you can trust and rely on them when you need help the most. This is worth more than gold. However, it is a more honourable thing to be that friend that others can vouch for and count on. When that is missing, you have failed at the task of being a friend.

Here are 5 things a true friend should never do

Gossip about them

If you’re a true and good friend then you shouldn’t gossip about your friend (s). It is totally wrong to speak ill of your friend behind his or her back. If your friend has done something that wrong and blame-worthy, your aim should be to correct them.

Even when your friend has done something wrong, you should avoid discussing his/ her bad behaviour when (s) he cannot be present. Sometimes, admitting to others that your friend is wrong is unavoidable; when this happens, make sure that you also tell your friend your opinion to his or her face. Don’t let your thoughts and comments be relayed by third parties.

Gossiping about that person that is supposed to be your friend is a sign that you may be carrying grudges against him/her. It may also be a sign that you don’t really care for such a person. If you care, find a way to quickly resolve those issues that have led you into gossiping but if you discover that you don’t really like or respect that person, you should probably end the friendship. It is better this way so that you don’t go around gossiping about a friend

Put them down

Don’t put your friends down; whether it’s to their face or behind them, it’s a nasty habit. It’s not really a friendship if you’re in the habit of criticise or humiliate that person.

Don’t hang with people you don’t like and call them your friends when you know you’re just going to be nasty and condescending towards them.

Constantly making barbs and snide remarks at that friend you may eventually cause you to lose their friendship. This is because insults are not something that anyone will put with for long, especially from a friend.

Laugh at their dreams

Even if you don’t think it can be done, you shouldn’t belittle or mock your friends’ plans and ambition. Do this often enough and they may not be your friends anymore.

Such behaviour is a sign that you don’t believe in them and you’re not supportive and they will be right to cut the relationship off. You’re not being a good friend and who really needs that kind of relationship?

Even in a situation where your friend’s plans are unrealistic or dangerous, you should talk to them about it gently and seriously; not by laughing in his/her face. This is what a true friend would do.

Lie to make them feel good

One of the advantages of a loyal and faithful friend is that they tell us important truth that no one might be willing to risk. This is a gift that you should give to your friends because it means you are a true friend.

If you make a habit of telling your friends what they like to hear even when it is not true or may be dangerous, you are doing a disservice to them.

Sometimes you may need to be diplomatic but your friends should always be able to trust you to tell them the truth.

Keep quiet when they are being maligned

If you cannot stand up for your friends when they are being defamed or slandered, you haven’t done your job as a friend. True friends will not allow anyone to lie against them or speak ill of them when they are not present. They take up the challenge to protect their friends’ reputation.

If your friend’s character is such that he/she cannot be defended, reconsider that relationship.  Also, if people are comfortable talking badly about your friends when you are present, it may be a sign that they don’t regard as a true friend.