5 Times When It’s Okay To “Train” Someone Else’s Child

5 Times When It’s Okay To “Train” Someone Else’s Child

5 Times When It’s Okay To “Train” Someone Else’s Child

They say it takes a whole village to raise a child but it doesn’t seem like people agree with that any more. Most times, parents and guardians do not take it likely when their wards are corrected or given advice by someone else. And it doesn’t have to a stranger. These days you’ll find people warning even their own parents or sibling off interfering in how they raise their kids. While it’s true that no one should be a busybody trying to tell people how to raise their kids, there are times when it’s important to do so.

The results of others minding their business are not always good. Nowadays a lots of kids are going astray because someone who could have corrected them decided to mind his/her business. If you ask them why, they say they are not their parents.

There are some times when it okay to be parent to someone else’s children. Here are 5 of those instances:

If the parents are negligent

The world is a community and other people’s failures often reflect on others. If you find a situation where a parent is being very negligent and you can step in to lead a child right, please do it. You may never be appreciated for it but it’s the right thing to do.

For example, if a parent neglects to give a child important information about something that may be harmful or dangerous for them please don’t be afraid to supply it especially if you’ve been asked. Or if a child is embracing criminal tendencies that the parents will like to cover up, you may need to report to the authorities to protect the neighbourhood. You may actually be saving your own life.

You have to exercise your judgement in determining what kind of negligence can be overlooked or that which you may need to tackle.

If the child is being abused

If you are witness to child abuse, you should do something about it. If you are aware that a child is being abused sexually or otherwise by someone and his/her parents are not aware of it, you need to inform them. You may need to inform the authorities if you notice that they are doing anything concrete about it.

If the parent(s) are the abusers, then you will also need to take action since you are privy to this. While you may choose to avoid confrontation with them, you should inform the relevant authorities. Children are precious and you should leave them to be abused if you can do something about it.

If they are danger to their parents

Sometimes a child is the one who is out of control and constitutes a danger to his parents. Unfortunately, parents do not always realise this; they may think they can handle it or may not be able to face the facts about their child.

If you notice that a child is abusive towards his/her parents and constitutes a threat to their live, you should act. You do not need to go and intervene directly in the matter but you should inform the relevant authorities. Many cases where children harmed or murdered their parents often happened because nobody cared enough to speak out on behalf of their neighbours.

If they are helpless

Sometimes a child is in a situation where (s) he is helpless and the parents are too. For example, if a child is terribly sick and the parents can afford to take him/her to the hospital and they refuse to ask for help. You don’t need to wait for them to ask you for anything because that child’s life is at stake. You can help them even if they never say thank you. If they refuse, your help you may need to force them to do the right by reporting them to the authorities.

Sometimes you may have the resources or opportunity to provide a disadvantaged child with better opportunities. You may need to do the without the express consent of the parents as they may be ignorant, nonchalant or obstructive to the child’s progress.

You have to weigh the importance and consequences of what you’re doing and if you a strong conviction that it is right, then go ahead.

If they cry out for help

In many instances, nobody knows what is happening in a home until the children cry out for help. If you find yourself where a child confides in you about something that needs intervention, then please do not turn your back on that child. It may not be easy but you are duty bound to act.

Sometimes, all you may need to do to encourage such a child and check up on him or her but if it is something serious like abuse, then make sure take the right steps and help the child out of that grievous situation.

When you have the opportunity to help a child, you should because that be an opportunity that will decide which that child goes. Many children are criminals or are dead today because society let them down.

You can also take up a child if the parents seek your help or guidance.