Parenting: 4 Thoughts in Every parents mind when their kids leaves for College


Yes, that’s always an emotional time for them! But absolutely not alone having these 4 thoughts about your new college student.

In this season to send your children off to college. Starting from the acceptance letter to driving them away from campus, every college student parent always has these 4 thoughts running through their mind:

1. “Does he have everything he needs?”

Laundry bins, trash cans, bedding, rice cooker, a jumbo sized package of toilet paper, backpack, notebooks. Parents always never want their ward to go out there stranded even though everything needed has been provided.

2. “I’m going to miss him so much!”

Although your child has gone through what i call episodes of exaggerated attitude or snuck out at night, and even though you yearned for the day when you were free of their antics, but still you’re gonna miss them. The moment you drop them off at their dorm and drive away, immediately you’ll realize all the gaps their absence will create in your life.

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