Stop Doing These 5 Things So Your Parents Can Take You Serious

Stop Doing These 5 Things So Your Parents Can Take You Serious

Stop Doing These 5 Things So Your Parents Can Take You Serious

Nobody is supposed to remain a kid forever. So when you’re being treated like a child when you think you’re all grown up, it can be painful. Sometimes, our parents are not paying attention to the fact that we’re all grown up. When this happens, it may take a conflict to make them see the truth.

However, in many other instances, parents refuse to let go of the reins of important things because they see that the child is not ready yet. So maybe that obvious advice that you find irritating or that lack of confidence in your plan is not a sign of their own issues. It may be a sign that they can see that you’re not yet the adult you’re claiming to be. Or at least you’re not acting like it yet.

Most of the time, the only way to make your parents (and others) take you serious is to become serious.

Here are 5 things you could be doing that are make your parents doubt your maturity and competence:

Throwing Tantrums

When you throw tantrums, it seems like you never really grew up because only children (supposedly) throw tantrums just to get their way or avoid what they need to do. If you’re complaining that your parents never seem to take you serious, you might be acting like a child.

If you’re also unhappy that they never believe that you’re old or capable enough to take of things, this might be the cause. If your parents, or anyone else for that matter, see that you don’t know how to manage your emotions when you don’t get your way, they may never trust with as much as you’d like.

Show them that they can deal with you as an adult by learning to take control of your feelings better.

Waiting For Directions

You complain that your parents are always telling you what to do or treating you like a child, but you’re not known to take initiative. If you don’t take initiative with things, other people are likely to do it for you. If your parents see that you’re always sitting on your butt when you’re supposed, they might think you need some nudging. Don’t blame if they start telling you what to do.

If you want to really take the backseat, trusting that you’ll take of things stop waiting for directions from them and others. Take charge of your life by getting a plan and acting on it now. The main thing is to start.

Always Asking For Help

There’s nothing wrong with asking your parents and others for help when you need it. However, there is something very wrong with asking for help for things you should be able to handle. Unless, you have cogent reasons why you need expectations you should meet easily, don’t blame when they suddenly start trying to take charge of you.

If you’re in the habit of constantly reverting to your parents for everything, you may be treated like a child. If you can handle little things without involving them, don’t expect them to see them treating like an adult that can be trusted with major things.

Never Taking Responsibility

Adults know how to take responsibility. If you aren’t able to do, then you’re not really an adult yet. Don’t expect your parents or loved one to trust delicate things in to the hands of a whiner who blames others.

Your parents don’t really expect you never to make any mistakes but they like everyone else take note of how you handle matters. If your default habit is to take the glory for all good things but blame every disappointment on someone, you’re not yet an adult. So don’t be surprised if your parents don’t really treat you like one.

Can’t Handle The Truth

How do you expect people to trust someone who can’t look at things objectively? If you make a habit of getting offended at being told the facts or truth, don’t expect people to trust you with much. Your parents may not be taking you as seriously as you’d like because they see that you are still in childlike state where you can’t handle truth.

Find yourself and grow up and you will see things turn around in how those folks will beging to treat you. You may discover that those parents that you thought didn’t understand you, actually understand you better than yourself. Maybe they are just waiting for you to grow up.