5 Major Compatibility Signs You Should Never Take For Granted

5 Major Compatibility Signs You Should Never Take For Granted

When it comes to love, dating and relationships, people seem to pay more attention to physical and emotional issues like attraction, temperament, sense of humour, etc. and honestly couples need to be compatible in this areas.

The truth is that compatibility goes beyond chemistry and interests; there are also areas of life that are more intellectual than physical or emotional that couples need to look out for.  A combination of all these areas are really what determines how compatible a couple is. No matter how good a relationship is going, couples need to pay attention to their compatibility because it is very important. Often times, how well a couple understand or blend with each other is what will take the relationship through tough times.

Here are 5 areas of compatibility that every couple should pay attention to


It’s true that there are people from different hold different beliefs about life and still make it work. However, for most people, compatibility involves religious beliefs and views that agree.

Sometimes people think they can blend their different beliefs until they start having children and then it becomes a problem.

So your beliefs are a major point of compatibility to look out for before settling a relationship. If you don’t, it might become a serious problem later on.

Values and Priorities

Do you and your partner agree on what is important and what is not or do you hold differing views? If you have great ambitions and the other person doesn’t even know what they’d like to be, it might become a problem later in life.

What are your values about work, about fidelity, about raising children etc? You need to know that you guys have an alignment on these issues. While you do not need to agree on everything, you should agree on the basic stuff so that you begin to see your partner as an antagonist later in life.

Intimacy and affection

Sex and intimacy are really important in a relationship. Your sexual desires, drive and needs must complement each other. For example, hooking up with someone who’s not too keen on sex when you see it as really important is not wise.

Both of you should figure out what your dispositions towards sexual intimacy and affection are to make sure your needs are well-suited to each other.

Money Habits

If your relationship is going to make it then you spending habits and your attitude towards money must have common ground. Most people never take this matter serious and it usually comes back to bite them. One major reason people shy away from talking about money and finances  is because  they say it feels awkward.

The truth is that couples whose ideas do not blend about saving, spending, investing and other issues about money may have a hard time. However spending behaviours will be similar and you will have reasons to fight if you and your partner have similar orientation about money.

Emotional Intelligence

Sometimes people see two people who seem to have opposite and contradicting temperaments and wonder how they make their relationship work. Often times, such relationships succeed because the couple’s level of emotional intelligence is compatible. For example, a man or woman who is a bit childish may understand this and only pair with someone who is a bit more mature and calm.

Couples need to pay attention to each other level of emotional maturity and really examine if it is something which can affect the relationship in the future. The best thing is to seek someone who is mature enough to understand that as you’re serving his/her needs (s) he will also need to serve.

When this kind of understanding is in place, even a partnership where both parties seem to be completely different has a great chance of success.