Guys; 5 Bad Habits That Make Girls Run Away

Guys; 5 Bad Habits That Make Girls Run Away

Guys; 5 Bad Habits That Make Girls Run Away
Stingy boyfriend

Some guys just don’t understand why the girls keep saying, “No” or why they keep running away from them. They think they are cool enough and nice enough for any girl to like but it just doesn’t work that way. The eligible bachelor they see is not what the girls seem to be seeing; they see something else that makes them make a dash for the door.  They can’t understand it; it’s terribly perplexing and they’re beginning to have some serious fear that this is how the story will continue.

While it might just be some bad luck which will pass, guys, it’s also possible that you have some habits or behaviours that are making the girls to say, “No, I just can’t stick with this”. It’s better to examine yourself and make sure that you’re the nice  and charming guy that you actually thing you are.

These are some habits that may make a monster of an otherwise cool guy:


The majority of women can’t stand a stingy guy, no matter how much they have or how independent they. A man that is stingy and always concerned about not allowing anyone gain anything over him or getting the better of him emits an repulsive odour to most women. So if you’re stingy, this may be why they are running away. They are not greedy or gold-diggers, it’s just that stinginess doesn’t look good on a man or anyone for that matter.

Too Angry

You have anger issues and you don’t hide it; if this is the case, the ladies (the sane ones, anyway) will definitely find a way to leave. It’s not their fault but you know that uncontrollably anger or rage is usually sign of an abusive nature. You will need to fix your issues before you can get the girl of your dreams. Otherwise, you’ll get someone who is not good for you if you don’t seek help.

Too Rough-looking

You may not be getting the kind of lady you’d like to date because of your appearance. It’s not all ladies that understand that carefree, caveman look and the kind of girl you’d like to have in your life might just be the type who finds it disgusting.

The best way to attract a wider pool of women that you make a choice on who you’d like to pursue from, is to maintain a decent and charming appearance. Most ladies don’t have the time to be deep and see beyond any strange appearances. Life is too busy and many gals have fallen into the hands of psycho and weirdo that way. Change your look and take anything you get.

Too confused

You’re a grown man yet you are just so scattered; don’t know what you want to, don’t have any real plans, don’t seem to be going anywhere and most of the time, you sound like someone who doesn’t even know who he is. Do you really expect all those any of those beautiful, responsible and smart ladies that you desire to hook up with that kind of confusion? Get your acts straight man.


If you are doing drugs, you are going to be a problem to any woman who allows you in her life and any minimally smart lady can see that. If you really want to have that kind of wonderful relationship with a wonderful lady, you need to go and get clean and sort out every other issue that is driving you to the drugs. Otherwise, the girls will keep running and even if you get a good one, it won’t be last; your bad habits will make sure of that.

You need to help yourself first so that you can be attractive to real women once again.