Ladies: 5 Ways You May Be Giving That Guy The Wrong Impression

Ladies: 5 Ways You May Be Giving That Guy The Wrong Impression

It happens all the time, a guy thinks that a girl has fallen hard for him or at least, that she likes him so he plans to make his move. He finally works everything out and asks her out only to get a shocker. She’s surprised and tells him a (mostly) polite “No”. The guy not only feels the sting of rejection but he’s also confused because he thought she was flashing him the green light. The lady on her own is also confused, wondering where he got the idea that she was interested. She’s totally taken aback by how he thought it was a done deal; she concludes that he’s full of himself and that he thinks she’s cheap not knowing that the poor guy thought that he treaded carefully enough.

Sometimes a lady is being her carefree, friendly self and the guys keeping thinking something else. But sometimes, it’s better to avoid these awkward scenarios by avoiding giving any impression that make the guys get the wrong message and avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

Some 5 things ladies do that may give the wrong impression that she fancies a guy when she actually does not:

Asking for too much help

Yes, you can actually ask for too much help especially when that guy is not your father, brother  or best friend. The truth is that even with these of people, they may still be a limit of what you can ask them to do for you because they have their own stuff to do which leaves your boyfriend or someone you are trying to make your boyfriend as the last set of people you can keep calling on to help you with every little thing.

In case you don’t, a lot of ladies flirt with guys and give them the green light by taking the perpetual role of damsel in distress, just to get their attention. So don’t blame that guy for thinking you want him, he can’t read your mind. If you don’t want him for your man, maybe you should stop calling him all the time.

Asking for a date

He’s a new friend or an acquaintance that not so acquainted with all your ways so don’t be surprised that he has misinterpreted your constantly asking to hang out as a signal of something else. It’s not his fault, how is he to know that you’re different like that. Most girls either tell that to long-time guy friends or their girlfriends not some guy who’s just getting to know them. What do you expect him to think?

You’re too playful

Yes you can be too playful especially with a man that doesn’t know you too well. You’re always rolling on the floor with and getting into situations where your bodies are locked together or you guys are touching each other. Saying you have a boyfriend is not enough because as far as he’s concerned, you’re not acting it. Many girls have used that as a strategy to get a guy turned on and have a quick romp, you know? Lots of ladies come on to guys that way so if you are different, try keep your very physical games to someone who knows you well enough to know that.

You talk dirty all the time

He’s probably confused himself. He probably thought he needed to do something to let you know he got the message. If you like to talk dirty or talk about your past escapades with a guy when both of you are alone or you keep starting intimate conversations about love and sex with him, then if he comes on to you, don’t be too surprised or disgusted.  That’s a trick that other ladies use.

You do too much for him

You bring him lunch and dinner, you help with the dishes, the laundry, you check on him to see how he’s doing, you offer to take him out and you are just generally available to do things for him that he doesn’t even expect. Be honest, what do you want him to think?

If he likes you he’ll be happy he’s found a mate and if he’s not sure, he may be worried about looking he’s taking advantage of you. It would either have ended in him asking you out, avoiding you or asking you what you want. So being surprised that he made a move is kind of weird; ask those around, they’ll tell they thought you wanted him.