7 Ways To Deal With Heart Break

7 Ways To Deal With Heart Break

Nobody can belittle the pain that comes from a heart break. In many instances, it can be worse than physical pain. You hurt inside and it spreads into everything; you’re tired, miserable and feel hopeless. The truth is that heart break comes with a special kind of pain that cannot be compared by anything and it stems largely from the fact that you’ve been rejected by the person you (probably) want the most.

There’s also a shame that comes with heart break; the shame of being rejected that we often translate to mean that somehow we are not good enough.

Heart break also introduces some form of self-doubt into our lives. We begin to doubt if we are ever going to be good enough for anyone or if we are ever going to find true love. This becomes especially heavy if a person has had more than one heart break.

There’s a host of other things that accompany a heart break or rejection like a sudden desperation that often leads people to want to compromise anything just to make that person they want so  badly change his/her mind. If they’re lucky, their request will not be granted because that kind of compromise is usually not a good one.

No matter how devastating or painful a heart break is, the truth is that it’s not the end of the world and the wise thing is to move on so that you can find a new beginning and a happier ending.

Here are 7  things to do to move-on from that heart break

Put the Rejection in Perspective

When that person ended that relationship with you or even dumped you for someone else, the truth is that (s) he most likely realized that you were not (s) he wanted. However, this doesn’t mean that you are in anyway defective; it only means that you haven’t found your right fit or your soul-mate yet.

Think of it like this – it’s like you being an orange and the person who rejected you doing so because what (s) he actually wanted was a banana. This perspective help to release any resentment you have towards that person and help you see that it not a question of not being good enough or being a failure, it’s a question of being unique and different from what that person wants.

If you let this thinking sink in, you will actually start feeling grateful

Stop Hoping

One of the things that torment people after a heart break is that senseless hope that many people often harbour afterwards.

Stop hoping that that guy or lady is going to comeback; it’s not impossible but it’s not good for you. Live in the present reality and accept the fact that they are no longer a part of your life. You need to really accept so you don’t find yourself making coy and desperate moves to facilitate this reconciliation that you’re hoping for. You might make a fool of yourself, ruin any chances of a comeback or even get yourself arrested.

If that person say it’s over then it’s over. Focus on how to move on; no trying to call them, sending texts or checking up on them. It’s not cool.

Pet Yourself

The time after a heart break is the time to really give yourself a lot of love and attention so that you can heal faster. Give yourself to doing things that you enjoy and things that can soothe you.

Give more time to pursuing your hobbies and interests; go on that vacation if possible. This is not a means to escape reality but you need to give your soul an atmosphere where you can heal

Allow Yourself to Grieve

It’s okay to cry every now and then when you’ve just suffered a heart break. Don’t bottle up your feelings; share them with people you can if you need to. Accept all the varieties of feeling that come up during this time; whether it’s anger, bitterness, sadness or fear. Don’t try to pretend as if everything is all right. Mourn your loss and allow yourself to be comforted so that when you move, you’re really moving on.

Find Some Quality Company

You those friends and loved ones you can always count on to encourage you and say the right stuff. This is the time to call on their help; let them keep you company from time to time. Engage yourself in visiting them, hanging out with them and go out of fun dates with them. As the bring support and laughter into your life, you will climb of your heart break in no time.

Be Strong

Sometimes you want to cry, call that person or beg him/her but the truth is that you shouldn’t. There comes a time where you simply have to be strong if you want to move past that heart break. You can act on every feeling you have all in the name of being heartbroken. You have to be strong for yourself and  stop being so miserable because nobody can do that for you.

Hope in the Future

The future is where to deposit your hope not in some possible reconciliation or comeback. Hoping in the future will certainly not bring you disappointment. As long as you’re still alive and you stay open to love, you will find someone else who you’ll want and who will want you back.

When you believe in a better future, you won’t be able to stay in heartbreak lane for too long.