Stay Hot: Natural Beauty Tips You Should Know

Natural Beauty Tips

beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

There is a popular belief that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder but some beauty are attractive to almost everyone. It is arguable that the best kind of beauty is the natural one. Here are the natural beauty tips you should know;

1. Sleep

I can’t stress how amazing you can look after a great night’s sleep. Be consistent about your bedtime. The average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep; make sure you are (consistently) getting this each night to feel beautiful.

2. Exercise

Forget all the facial creams; a little sweat gives your face an amazing glow.Sweating releases toxins you don’t want your body to have. Exercise also releases “feel good” endorphins to make you feel happy…and we all know a smile makes everyone look pretty.

3. Drink water

Put down the soda and switch to drinking ice-cold water. Drinking water smooths your skin, restores your body’s fluid balance and energizes your muscles.

4. Stay out of the sun

Getting a little vitamin D is never a bad thing but don’t over do it. The sun’s rays can easily damage your skin and make it age faster. Limit your time in the sun and always wear sunscreen when you are outside to keep skin looking young.

5. Lower your stress

Stress can cause breakouts and accelerates wrinkles. Plus, those worried looks aren’t as beautiful as a relaxed smile. Breathe deeply, take breaks during your day and find a way to relieve your stress.

6. Stay clean

You might not need makeup to be beautiful, but still take care of your body. Wash your face daily, exfoliate, moisturize and keep yourself looking fresh and clean.

7. Brush your hair

You might not get beautiful curls by air drying your hair, but embrace your natural beauty by giving your hair a good brush before walking out the door. If you aren’t quite ready to embrace your natural hair, wrap your strands in a chic braid or in a headband for a look that doesn’t need any heat or hair products.

8. Drink herbal tea

Believe it or not, some types of herbal tea soothe stress and also provide helpful antioxidants that are necessary for healthy skin. Choose teas that are naturally caffeine free so they don’t interupt your 7-9 hours of sleep.

9. Meditate

Meditating and yoga help your body reconnect with itself and relieve stress. Feel comfortable with your natural self by spending some serious time concentrating on breathing.