Marriage: 4 Promises Men Can Never Keep

Marriage: 4 Promises Men Can Never Keep

The word promise is one of the most occurring words in marital relationships. Promise means to tell someone that you will definitely do something or something will happen.

For a courtship to lead to marriage, a promise must be kept. Even a lasting Marriage is a promise well kept. In courtship, guys make several promises to ladies who make them happy and eager for wedding but there are some of these promises that cannot be kept by men in marriage. Is it becoming a puzzle to you?

Read on and get the clarifications:

(1.) I WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU: Being together as husband and wife is one of the most treasured times in marriage but it is not possible to be together for 24 hours in 365 days in a year. He can’t always be where you were all the time. There are times both of you will be in two different places. For instance when you go to your various offices or when one of you is on official assignment out of your locality. What matter most is faithfulness ­though you may be out of sight but not out of heart. Don’t play a fast game against one another. Let there be re-assurance and constant phone calls echoed with this magical trio i.e. “I love you”.

It is not possible for two people to live together without offending one another. He will definitely offend you while you too cannot but offend him.
Though it may not be deliberate even in courtship, expect it. If he’s keeping a clean sheet in courtship ­beware! He must be pretending and he will later explode in marriage. Certain actions of his will hurt you but you must be ready to forgive without nursing its wound. Expect mis-understanding, it is the pathway to understanding. No matter what happens, friendliness should be a hallmark of a Christian home because ­marriage is a union between two imperfect people working towards perfection.

He must have turned this to lyrics that is sang to your hearing almost every time you meet but the truth is you will be disappointed in marriage, If this is your expectations because he can’t do everything for you. He may teach you how to drive, pay the house rents, bought clothes for you but consider when he will be down without physical ability to do anything even machine, breakdown atimes.

He can’t carry the pregnancy for you, it’s exclusive for ladies, and he can only demonstrate care during the period. He can be in the labour room with you during delivery but can’t experience the pain in the process of delivery. But the real man will stay with his wife in hospital during delivery while careless men will neglect their wives at this period.

(4.) I WILL PROVIDE FOR ALL YOUR NEEDS: Don’t go into marriage with the aim of having all your needs met lest you lose passion for the man you married. There atimes when something are not within his reach which may be due to financial inability. Of course, he can’t give you what he didn’t have.

You don’t have to be offended for marriage is not just about receiving alone, you too have to give something in return-contribute your own quota towards the development of that union. Complement one another’s effort. Don’t look for what to get rather seek for what to give. He can’t provide for all your needs, only God can do this. Get this into your mind and don’t be offended while he falls short of this.