5 Common Lies About Sex and Pregnancy

5 Lies That Young People Believe About Sex and pregnancy

Common Lies About Sex and Pregnancy

Many parents and older people worry about teenager and young ones having sex because of some of difficulties and hardships that result from it. Apart from some of the sexual transmitted diseases that come with unprotected sex, one of the major worries of parents for teenagers who may be having sex is unwanted pregnancies. This worry is totally justified as teenage pregnancy has the capacity to alter no only the life of a teenager but also affects the family.

Many young people do not truly confront the reality of what and unplanned and undesired pregnancy could do to their lives. For one thing, it could change and delay some of the ambitions of such a person especially if he/she comes from a background where resources are not I abundance. This will make the having a baby at such a young age more difficult.

Another thing that comes with an unplanned pregnancy is having to consider the option of abortion. Many youngsters do not understand the trauma that comes with making the decision to procure an abortion or not. Many adult women and men who find themselves in such a situation still find it emotionally troubling. How much more a younger person?

The truth is that a lot of young people look at sex from only the fun side and this make them treat it with a dangerous levity. One of these dangerous attitude is all the unfounded myths about sex and pregnancy that they believe without research. While parents may not be able to stop their teenage children from having sex, it is unfortunate when they make avoidable mistakes because of ignorant assumptions.

Here are 5 myths about sex and pregnancy that some young people believe

You can’t get pregnant if you have sex on your period

This is not true because sperm can survive up to a week inside the vagina and so if you have unprotected sex while on your period, there’s still a good chance that you can get pregnant.

You can’t get pregnant if you’re having sex for the first time

You only need one time to get pregnant,  there is the risk of pregnancy anytime sexual intercourse occurs and the risk is highest when it is unprotected, first time or not.

You can’t get pregnant if you don’t have an orgasm

This is a silly myth. The sperms cells and eggs the feelings of the couple into consideration before doing what they were intended to do. You can get pregnant whether you have an orgasm or not. That is why rape victims and those who receive artificial insemination also get pregnant. Getting pregnant is not about how enjoyment was derived, it is dependent on what happened.

You can’t get pregnant if you douche after sex

Douching or washing your vagina after intercourse doesn’t prevent you from getting pregnant. All that is need is for sperm cell to find an egg and pregnancy can occur. Douching cannot really prevent that because sperm cells are designed to find eggs and fertilize them. Remember it takes just one

You can’t get pregnant if you have sex standing up

The position doesn’t really matter, if you had vaginal sex, you can get pregnant.