5 Signs That Person Really Likes You

5 Signs That (S) he Might Really Like You

Sometimes we want to know if that person really likes you because you really like him/her, and you can’t really tell if they feel the same way about you. Sometimes, it’s not even because you like them but they’re sending you some vibes and you can’t really decode it. Knowing if they do like you will help you avoid leading them on if you’re not really into that person.

When you know if that person is into you or not, you can know how to respect yourself and respect them.

While there really is not sure way to know if someone likes you or not, there are clues that can give you important hints about what that person might be feeling about you. You have also rely on your instincts in addition to these clues because most times, you know more than you know.

Here are 5 signs that really help you know if a person likes you or not;

Checking up on you often

If that person always finds some important or unimportant reason to hear from and talk to you, it may be a sign that he or she is into you. Many times, this is constant sign that you see when someone likes you  because it’s really hard to keep from someone who’s taken up space in your heart.

If that person is always looking for an excuse to talk to you, he/she probably likes you. They’re probably trying to get your attention and register themselves with you as more than a friend or acquaintance.

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Keeping you forever

Many times, people who like you might try to keep you with them after they’ve gotten your attention. They keep asking you one question or the other or try to interest in something new  to talk about or see just to spend more time with you. It might be a sign that you have yourself an admirer.

Talking gibberish

On the other side, your clue that a person likes you is that whenever they do get your attention, they seem scattered and don’t really get to say any coherent. Some of them will hardly ever talk and at other times, some of them even act tough and strange.

If you notice that he/she keeps trying to get your attention even if though he/she never really has anything to say, it may just be that they really like you.

Making Eye Contact

If a person makes a lot of eye contact with you, looking and searching your eyes with theirs, it may be a sign that he/she likes you.

Avoiding Eye Contact

On the other hand someone who really likes you, if he/she is shy, may find it hard to look into your eyes. When it comes to eye contact, as with other clues, you have involve your instincts and other things you’ve noticed; you can never be too sure.

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Asking Personal Questions

If someone who you think is showing some interest in you is in the habit of asking you personal questions when they get a chance to talk to you, take note. Asking you how you’re feeling, what your plans are, your favourite colours, if you have any free time, etc. It might be a sign that he/she really wants something more with you and wants to know you better.

Talking to others about you

Has that person been asking some question about you; what happened with your last relationship, what kind of things you do for fun or why you don’t talk so much? If you’ve received feedback from some people that that guy or girl wants to know about you, it may be that they have a romantic interest in you.

One important thing is to process does clues through your guts or through the counsel of others if necessary. Good luck!