Dating Today: 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Dating Today: 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Dating Today: 8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Are you single, hoping or planning to be single soon?  Are you searching or planning to start the search soon? Are you sure still up to the dating game? Do you think you still have the skills to get hooked up or maybe you’re planning is no longer how it works?

You might hot, cool and someone to keep but if you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, there’s definitely some things that have change. You’ll need to get yourself an update. Maybe you never left the dating arena but you just can’t seem to get what you need. It’s possible you don’t have the right information.

Here’s some important information about dating:

1. Teeth are Major

Maybe you thought it was hair but the facts show that most people, men and women, judge and pick possible dates with a strong consideration for their teeth. A study by revealed this, showing that a good smile takes precedence over many other things that we might have considered important.  Speech and grammar are the next thing for date choice while hair comes in after. Who would have known?

Now that you know, make sure you take better care of your teeth and don’t ever forget to smile.

2. Online Dating Works

It appears that online dating is getting a lot more people love than it is being credited for. According to a recent study, people who eventually hook up through online dating are usually well educated and gainfully employed. About a third of online relationships eventually lead to marriage and guess what? They come with a lower divorce rate  than those who start off meeting in person.

The only catch is that a lot people on the online dating space lie and exaggerate about some of their life details. If you’re interested be careful.

3. ..So Does Friends-With-Benefits

It seems that a lot more relationships that start as a friends-with-benefits, flingy kind of thing actually work out. Recent research shows that about half of single people have slept with a friend of theirs and good number of those relationships become long-term or even end in marriage. Some relationships are really just meant to be.

4. Men Fall faster

Studies now show that contrary to what many people believe, men actually fall and feel in love faster that women. Surveys show that many men are able to tell if it’s love after one date and most of the remaining know after three dates. However, it takes the average woman about a month to decide if she’s in love or not.

5. Men Say it first too

This is also contrary to what a lot of book, movies and stories have told us but it has come to light that the menfolk are usually the first to say those magic words, “I love you”.

Ladies, this is no reason to be disappointed that your man didn’t say first and if you’re in a relationship, don’t make this something to hold for. Let the relationship work itself out and if you have to say, “I love you” first, then say it.

6. Women are Digital Detectives

When it comes to online dating, women are more cautious and sensitive. According to, more than half of the single women who date online check their potential dates out on Facebook before the first date while only a third of the men investigate their love interests.

Half of the ladies also say that they would cancel a date if they found something they weren’t comfortable with online while only a fourth of the men think that it’s a big deal. Be careful how you live your life online.

7. Beliefs Really Matter

Religious beliefs are the most common ground in most relationships. People are 50% more likely to hook up with someone of the same religious beliefs. It comes before ethnicity and political leanings.

8. Reality Dating Shows Don’t Help

According  to a study of about 400 married couples, those who liked to watch romantically themed TV programs were more unstable in their love lives. It seems watching reality dating shows like The Bachelor, etc makes people more restless lovers.

Be careful what you watch.