Love and Life: 5 Things to Know About Kissing

Love and Life: 5 Things to Know About Kissing

Love and Life: 5 Things to Know About Kissing

Who doesn’t like kissing? Ask all the boys and girls who have ever had a crush or who hooked up with someone they’ve liked since forever how it felt to plant that first kiss and they’ll probably say it felt like heaven. And even when they’ve been kissing forever, you never really hear anyone say that they are tired of kissing.

Kissing is the one thing that humans found for expressing love that has been really great discovery. It’s been a hit every single day for some hundreds or thousands of years now, right? We should really find the people who invented kissing and give them a big, “Thank You” kiss because it has definitely made love and romance a little bit more interesting. Do you know the number of people who can’t wait to see and kiss that special person right now? We probably wouldn’t be able to count?

Here are few things to know about kissing:

Kissing Position

Most people tilt their heads to the right when they about to kiss someone else. Nobody knows why this happens but this is the kissing position that most people take. Only few people ever lean to the left to plant a kiss.

Kissing is not always about the lips

The Eskimo kiss which is associated with the with a traditional greeting of the Inuit people called a kunik is carried out with the nose. It is like a sniff and a snuggle as it involves inhaling the take in the scent of the person one is greeting.

Apart from the humans, many mammals like squirrels, moles and moose greet and examine animals of their in this way too.

The Eskimo kiss allows people to exchange pheromones which may provide some insight into a person’s mood, emotions and even their state of health.

The verdict on kissing pets

Have you ever heard that claim that your pet dog mouth is cleaner than yours? There’s not an iota of truth so please don’t use it as the bases of kissing your dog and any other pets.

Pets get up to places you would never imagine and they lick and eat all sorts of things. This means that their mouths come in contact with a lot of bacteria and you certainly don’t want that in your mouth.

Drool from dogs carries bacteria that cause gum disease as well as other germs that will harm you so the best thing is for you to limit your play and bonding with pets to behind-the ear scratches and rubs. Don’t go kissing them, it may get you sick.

Kissing and bacteria

Still on the issue of bacteria, do you know that a simple French kiss that lasts about 10 seconds can mean a swap of about 80 million bacteria between kissers? Yes, and apart from that, you get a lot of diseases, herpes simples, meningitis, mononucleosis, and others just from kissing.

Kissing is to be reserved for someone who is really worth it; imagine all the risks!

Kissing doesn’t actually get you aroused

Kissing, according to scientists, doesn’t actually turn you or make you feel like a romp in the sack, you probably felt like it already. What kissing does is to help you get a sense of what a person’s mood is and how well you guys are getting along and this is actual aim of making out; to find out if the other person’s really interested. Kissing also helps to make feel and actually get closer to that person.

Kissing is still good

Kissing makes people get closer, express their feelings, experiment and have fun with someone they are fond of, so it’s a good thing. Apart from that, kissing and making out can deliver health benefits like relieving stress and lowering bad cholesterol which is a definite plus for your life.

To be honest, kissing sometimes just makes you feel like is better place and that your partner is the best thing since slice bread. That is definitely a good thing.