Ladies; Reasons Why Some Men Will Never Be Romantic

Ladies; Reasons Why Some Men Will Never Be Romantic

7 Signs He Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About You Ladies; Reasons Why Some Men Will Never Be Romantic

Maybe you’re one of those who has an unromantic, stoic partner who doesn’t understand why you still want him to tell you that he loves you or buy you flowers when he takes the trash out and does everything that he is supposed to. He is just not spontaneous and romantic, but you’re hoping that one day he’ll change.

Maybe you haven’t found the one yet but you believe that even he’s all macho and stiff that when he tastes your love, he’s going to become a romantic. This may just be a tall dream and you might be better making sure that you go with a man that give you all the romance you want beforehand.

Here are reasons why some will never be romantic

They don’t understand

He grew up being told what a good man is supposed to be and it didn’t include any of that mushy-mushy stuff; he has done his best to be that model man all his life and all that stuff is simply not his concern.

Many men are not able to cross over into performing romantic gestures because they see it as frivolities that should distract a man from being a man.

It’s too much

Some men have heard over and over again that they aren’t romantic; they are tired of this label and are about ready to something about it but it’s just too stressful for them.

What comes easily to some men is a really hard and terrifying thing for others

They think it’s weakness

Many good men who love their wives and partners may never actually be able to show this love through romantic gestures because they have a deeply ingrained belief that it’s a sign of weakness in a man.

It’s like they are almost superstitious that even they go that way, something bad will happen

They’ve been terribly hurt

Some men no longer want to put all their feelings out there because they endure a terrible hurt and even though they care, they are no longer willing to take that risk of putting themselves out there in that way.

They didn’t have that experience

Growing up, they didn’t see their dads or any man around them kiss his wife in public or bring her flowers; for some men this is the singular barrier to their being romantic.

As far they know, if it wasn’t an issue then, why is it a big deal now.