5 Hard truths About Marriage That You Must Know

5 Hard truths About Marriage That You Must Know

5 Hard truths About Marriage That You Must Know

Marriage is a good thing; two people who get to share their love and life with each other is beautiful. However, it is not all roses, kisses and harmony as we sometimes see in the movies or in unrealistic social media pictures and updates. The truth is that marriage is a beautiful thing with its own downsides. Anyone who doesn’t know that marriage comes with challenges is likely to end unfulfilled and miserable because of wrong expectations. You must have a balanced view of marriage to be able to make the best of it

Here five not-so-rosy things you need to know about marriage:

You will have many disagreements

Fighting and disagreements do not mean that a person is not your soul mate. Loving someone comes in many different stages and after the initial stage where the other person seem unable to do anything wrong, you will quickly come to see that your partner is not perfect. In marriage, the proximity and intensity will let you see many things that you don’t agree with your spouse about. This will lead to many disagreements and possibly fights; how you go about handling disagreements is dependent on your expectations, temperaments and level of maturity.

Don’t believe all the always smiling, harmonious front that most married couples like to present. They might not feel the need to tell you this but disagreements are constant feature of marriages. You will have disagreements from time to time, all through your marriage; some may be trivial and others may be more serious.

You won’t always feel loving towards your spouse

There will be many times in your marriage when you won’t see your husband or wife in shining light. Sometimes you will be angry and bitter towards your spouse, sometimes you will bored with the routine both of you have settled into, sometimes you’ll become so familiar with them being in your life that you may take them for granted. So many things will happen in the cause of your life that will bring up moments when it seems you are tired or uninterested in your spouse or marriage. As a couple, both of you must do the work of being sensitive to these moment and finding ways of rekindling the love and sense of purpose for your relationship.

You will disappointed

That man or woman will surprise you and break your heart in the course of that marriage, probably more than once. It may not be infidelity or some great evil but the truth is that your spouse will spring up many surprises in your relationship and many of them will not be pleasant. He/she will shock you with many unexpected behaviours that will disappoint you and may even be devastating to you. That is why anyone who get married must go in armed with the spirit of forgiveness.

Before you get too self-righteous, you should know that you will disappoint your spouse in many ways too.

There will be really tough times

Life is full of curve-balls and marriage will never be able to prevent that. You must know that you have many unplanned trials and temptations that will test your love and commitment to each other. Apart from the disappointments that you will encounter, life will bring its own storms and disappointment which will affect your relationship and may determine if you will make it or not.

Storms can come in the area of sickness, finances, children, and many other dashed hopes. How you both handle things will make or break your marriage.

Your Spouse is Susceptible To Cheating

Being faithful in marriage is not a magic wand; it takes a lot to maintain that commitment. Love alone will not keep your spouse from cheating on you; many people who are cheating on their spouse do love them.

They are a lot of temptations in life but one of the biggest things that lead people into being unfaithful in marriage is unfulfilled needs. So even though, you might be madly in love with each other, your husband or wife may fall to the temptation of infidelity if they are unmet physical, emotional, and psychological needs among others. And sometimes people cheat because they found themselves in a trying situation where their self-control failed them.

You need to keep in mind that it’s not only wicked, selfish spouses that cheat; everyone is susceptible to infidelity in marriage including you. This is why the work of remaining faithful to each other is something that both of you will need to help each other with.