5 Common Things Couples Fight About in Marriage

Things Couples Fight About


If you’re in a relationship with anyone for long enough, you will have fights simply because conflicts are part of relationships. If you have open communication and no one is afraid of or pretending to the other, your disagreements will definitely come up.

When two people get married, they are merging their formerly separate lives and this cannot happen without some friction. They will have different opinions about so many things and from time to time, this will lead to fights. The key is knowing how to fight; with love, respect, honesty, forgiveness and willingness to meet each other half way.

Some issues, however,  are recurring causes of fights in many homes and  these five are some of the most common;


Money means a lot; security, status, well being, health, et cetera and people relate to money in different ways and with different values. When two people merge in marriage, aligning and unifying (or not) these money values often happen in the process of many money fights.

Money  is a major issue in marriage; it is often the make or break factor for many.


Many couples fight about matters relating to affection and physical intimacy, sometimes because of conflicting expectations and sometimes as a fine-tuning process. It’s an important matter and it causes a lot frustration and apprehension and therefore, a lot of fights.

things couples fight about
things couples fight about


Whether it’s about how the husband doesn’t defend and protect his wife enough before his mom and sisters or it’s about how the wife likes to discuss too much with everyone in her family, couples always find something to raise the roof about concerning each other’s family.

It’s been happening for really long time and is not likely to stop.


It could be how one person disciplines the kids or how another is too aloof or too easy on them. Couples in the journey of raising a family often have disagreements over the kids. It’s normal but must be handled with wisdom and maturity.

things couples fight about
things couples fight about


This is another regular; it could be the late hours that the job demands, the contingencies of constant travelling and being away from home or the feeling that work seems to be more important that the better half.

One or both partner’s ambitions and careers is often a major bone of contention in many marriages and the cause of many divorces.