7 Relationship Mistakes You Should Stop Making

7 Relationship Mistakes You Should Stop Making

Relationships are tricky enough even at their best so you don’t need to add extra stuff that just don’t work. If you’ve been going round in circles of heartbreak and pain, you need to move beyond just claiming to be unlucky. You better start looking into all the redundant and toxic stuff you may be doing that are hurting rather helping your love-life.

Here are 7 mistakes you need to stop making

Keep doing things that don’t work

Whatever you’ve noticed doesn’t work in that relationship you should stop doing. If calling those guys ten times a day always makes them run instead of loving you, then you better stop.  If living beyond your means doesn’t impress the girls you want but gets them disgusted, you should stop doing it.

Whatever thing you do that you’ve found out doesn’t work, try to learn about what works and start doing it. there’s a lot of info out there about relationships, find the credible ones and start incorporating them into your life.

Being too trusting

You need to be wise; relationships require trust not gullibility. You don’t need to go around being suspicious but you must learn to be shrewd and do some important research especially with people you’ve just met or don’t know too much about.

Don’t just believe what you’re told, ask questions and ask again just to be sure. Be vigilant

Pretend to be someone you’re not

This makes no sense at all; pretending to be someone you’re not just to be liked or loved by someone else. Guess they can’t like or love you because it’s not the real you.

Try to change others

You can’t change anyone; when you start trying to do that you cause more problems and may even ruin a perfectly good thing. If you can’t accept someone for who they are, leave them alone.

Be petty

Petty people don’t make good friends or lovers; stop being petty so that you can keep them.

Focus only on the bad

If you focus only on people’s flaws, you’ll always have a reason to break things off and stay lonely. That man or woman that has no flaws doesn’t exist, at least not here on earth. If you’re looking for perfection, you’ll wait forever.

Try to get your self-esteem from others

It’s not other people’s job to validate you or make you feel good about yourself. Find your self-esteem before going into relationships; that’s generally the best way to be able to find something good.

Good luck!