5 ‘Surprises’ That Can Really Test A Marriage

5 ‘Surprises’ That Can Really Test A Marriage

Test A Marriage

Life is full of surprises and marriages are no exceptions. There are many curve-balls that can hit a marriage in the journey and this should be prepared for. However, the truth is that no preparation made can ever really be adequate enough for the surprises of life. This is because no one knows the exact nature of manner in which these bumps will come and also because experience is generally completely different from assumptions or stories.

When an expected surprise hits a marriage and messes with all the plans and hopes that a couple have, you can be sure that the foundation of that relationship will be tested. There are only possible outcomes; the marriage either makes it or it doesn’t.

Here are five common “surprises” that never fail to test marriages

Sudden loss of livelihood or income

This happens all the time but has not failed in its ability to challenge and test the level of love and commitment in a marriage. It is a specially trying when a man loses his livelihood or source of income. This is probably because men often tie their identity and sense of self with what they do and how well they are to provide for their family.

Sudden improvement in financial or social status

Many times, sudden success also constitutes a challenge in marriage. Many marriages have hit the rocks because money or fame came suddenly for one or both parties. Pride or insecurity may set in and suddenly a once peaceful marriage becomes strained.


For many marriages, this exerts a huge strain that leads to divorce in many marriages. Some others stand the test of this challenge and come out stronger.

Physical disability

Sudden loss of some physical functions is often a great strain especially for young marriages. It can be a make or break factor for a marriage.

Unplanned pregnancy

This might look a simple matter but many marriages have been strained by unplanned events like having a child that was not planned. Many times , this builds a strain that may degenerate into resentment and suspicion of manipulation between couples. Sometimes, couples get over the initial shock and even use it as an opportunity to get closer to each other.