5 Things That Make A Great Marriage

5 Things That Make A Great Marriage

Portrait of a romantic senior old couple enjoying at a vacation

Marriages come in different kinds and according to family coach, Bisi Adewale, there are three kinds of marriage; the good, the average and the worst.* For him, the kind of marriage that one gets is largely dependent on the kind of service and sacrifice that one is ready to offer in a marrage.

When it comes to love, romance and marriage, the bad and ugly seem to make the news more than all actual good stories. Break-up of marriages are at an epidemic scale and some people are just so tired of it all that they’ve thrown in towel and are swearing off anything that has to do with love and marriage. The real truth, however, is that there are a lot of great marriages out there; a lot of great love and commitment stories that have endured the test of life and times.

There are secrets behind the success stories and here are 5 things that are present in great marriages


Great marriages are always premised on the foundation on love wholesome. Wholesome love can only really come from someone who learns to love him/herself. Anyone one who is plagued by self-loathing cannot truly love, anyone who has not or is not resolving the baggage and pain of their past cannot really offer an enduring love to another person.

Great marriages are made by people who learnt how to love another because they learnt how to love themselves.


Nobody can be happy with someone that they have refused to accept. For a relationship to blossom and deepen, both parties must accept each other for exactly who they and this is how it is even in marriage.

Many marriages fail because somebody has a lifelong ambition to change the other person because he/she never really accepted their spouse for who they are.


A spirit is service is necessary to make a marriage to really work and produce joy. Where there’s no willingness to serve the other person, there’ll be crude calculation about what has been given and what has be gotten and this just makes a marriage too much work.

Anyone who doesn’t understand that marriage involve having a heart of service towards his/her spouse can’t make the connection that a great marriage needs


How can anyone really want to love someone and spend their lives with them without planning to forgive them, over and over again?

This is a no-brainer; great marriages come with a determination to continuously forgive even before the possible offences occur.


Life can be tough, seemingly greater options sometimes come along after you made your choice and moved on and sometimes, you just get tired.

Marriage needs commitment; just like everything else in life that people succeed, it needs to be focused and taken very seriously. So many people will never know a good relationship or a great marriage because they are just too fickle to give what it takes. All they’re looking for is the high of excitement and fun, and whenever this seems to be running out, they can’t wait to leave.


* Bisi Adewale, Marriage of My Dreams (2016)