10 Traits of a Healthy Relationship

10 Traits of a Healthy Relationship

Healthy, strong relationships are the goals that everyone aspires. This doesn’t mean that they have to challenges but that they provide meaning and support for our lives. A lot of people want this but most miss asking the most important question which is; what makes up a healthy relationship? Here are 10 things every healthy relationship should have


There’s got to be love; it’s the foundation. When there is no lobe it will be hard to accept the other party and open up to them. Love is the first point for a healthy and strong relationship because it opens us up in a way that nothing else can.


For a relationship to be best shape and stay strong there’s got to be trust. You need trust to be able to confide in each other, to communicate and have faith in the other party


A healthy and strong relationship must have commitment from both parties. When it is one-sided or lack lustre, fear and insecurity will creep in. Both parties must know and keep their responsibilities to each other for a relationship to be stable and fruitful.


For a relationship to deepen and keep going strong, there’s got to be that basic appreciation. Appreciation of personality and other qualities are what create that fondness and desirability required in a relationship.


Rigidity will destroy even the best relationship. Healthy relationships have the quality of flexibility and adaptability. This means that both parties are able to adjust expectations and adapt themselves to meet each other’s needs. Flexibility or adaptability in a relationship allows everyone to win and have a sense of belonging.


This is one of the basics for a solid relationship; nothing meaningful can happen where people do no know and accept each other for who they are.


Kindness in words, in actions, in thoughts and disposition are important for the flourishing of any relationship. Kindness must be a deliberate attitude for a relationship to be healthy; it keeps it open for communication and growth.


Nobody is perfect, right. So, if the love and commitment in relationship is to be maintained, forgiveness must be freely given. Any relationship where forgiveness is scarce will be overrun by offences and mistakes because they are ineveitable.


Relationships that are balanced can’t be one-sided; it can’t all be serious and business like. You need fun and laughter to balance things out. The pleasurable and exciting side of a relationship also help to keep it strong.


Any meaningful relationship must be properly defined. Any undefined relationship where both parties do not know exactly what they mean to each other is unhealthy. It gives room for exploitation, abuse and heartbreak