3 Changes You Need If You Want To Go Back To Your Ex

3 Changes You Need If You Want To Go Back To Your Ex3-changes-need-want-go-back-ex

Here are 3 changes you must make to yourself and your partner:

1. Commitment
Being committed to marriage requires just sacrifices and the necessary adaptations to make the relationship true and lasting. Never allow less than this, because in a relationship both the man and the woman need to be “more”, that is, they must add acts of: kindness, loyalty and love.

The husband is not bigger than the wife, so he should never try to be superior to her. And the companion is also no greater than his partner, both become equal when they take the sacred vows of marriage and must walk side by side. They should never, ever, leave the other behind.

A committed couple chooses to be loyal and loyal in the relationship, they design plans for the future together, they plan their journey always hand in hand and, above all, they make a real commitment.

2. Healthy relationship
There are many women all over the world submitting to live masked relationships. Unfortunately, in front of acquaintances, relatives and friends, the partner appears to be a true “lord” to his partner, however, when they are alone he removes his mask and shows his true face of a selfish, violent and abusive man.

No woman should allow herself to be mistreated just to try to “keep up appearances.” There are those who fantasize that “tomorrow will be better.” She deceives herself who lives in these two ways, for what begins with abuse and violence, without professional, family or spiritual help, will hardly be repaired.

Demand and offer the best in the relationship, for a healthy relationship requires both of the changes to be improved, but it also requires respect, kindness, and kindness for love to be greater than the differences and challenges that exist in relationships.

3. Enrichment of relationship
Life for two can be wonderful and meaningful if there is mutual donation between partners. For this to be possible it is necessary for both to understand that a true relationship is made of simplicity and companionship, that is what enriches the relationship.

The reciprocity of both sides in helping each other through all the obstacles that arise throughout life not only strengthens the relationship but also enriches it.

Love is rich in forgiveness, kindness, friendship, companionship, complicity and loyalty, these attributes are the great treasures of the relationship. However, there are people who do not have the capacity to recognize such treasures, and unfortunately, without them it will not be possible to tread the path of happiness.

It takes more than promises of love, you have to live and offer each of these virtues in the relationship so that it becomes rich and true.