#LifeStyle: 5 Signs You’re Still Into Your Ex

If you’re doing the things stated below, then you’re yet to completely move on.

You try to find any excuse to contact your ex

You still keep his stuffs

You still talk about memories you had with ex with your friends
You can?t resist the urge to text or call your ex.
You park outside his work place.

You drive by his house at night.
You turn up at his best friend?s to find out what he is up to.

You still talk about him in your present relationship
Your thoughts and actions become focused more and more on him ? and less and less on you.

What you need to understand and appreciate is that getting through a break up is like getting through the withdrawal of drug dependency. Research suggests the trauma from breaking up seems severe because love rejection affects primitive areas of the brain associated with motivation, reward and addiction craving.