Relationship: Who Should Pay On The First Date?

Relationship: Who Should Pay On The First Date?

Relationship: Who Should Pay On The First Date?

When it comes to relationships, some petty issues leads to awkward moments, one of those issues is sorting the bills, even on first date. explains who should get the bill on first date. Read below;

Most people are attuned to paying whenever we go out for a date. But with the rules of dating changing and women wanting to be in charge in various situations, it sometimes becomes tricky to decode who will pay for the dinner on your first few dates. So here are few things you can follow to avoid that awkward situation:

Go to an informal and affordable place

This works almost all the times. The very fact that the restaurant you go to is not too expensive and has a causal air to it, will keep you more relaxed. And paying the bill will not be an issue since it will not hamper your pockets. On the other hand, even if the girl offers to pay, it won’t be too harsh on the guy’s part to let the girl handle the expensive dinner.

Think you’re the one paying the bill

Be ready to pay unless the girl really insists to pay. Many a times, there are formal efforts to show they are willing to pay, but you should go ahead with splitting the bill or letting her pay only if she insists a second or third time. In such cases, it is better to let her do the formality as it might just work in your favor.

She calls the shots while ordering

In most cases, if the girl wants you to pay, she would not be careful with what she orders. But if she orders something which you don’t really endorse or want to have, then don’t push to pay too much. While you might want to be open enough to pay for her expensive choices, in most cases it would be better for you to split or let her pay in such instances.

Third time’s the trickiest

So if doesn’t offer to pay even after a few dates, chances are she never will. In such a situation, it is entirely your call. Some guys like to pamper their date by paying the bills all the time. But some might like to be treated differently and expect their girlfriends to pay too. In this case, you can be the best to call the shots.

Relationship: Who Should Pay On The First Date?