Studies Shows that men prefer ladies to make the first move in dating

Guys: Do you prefer your crush to make the first move in dating or not?

Studies Shows that men prefer ladies to make the first move in dating

Well, according to the nationwide research with a universe of 7,000 users 4,550 men and 2,450 women between the age group of 18 and 30. As many as 62 per cent of the surveyed women confessed to having made the first move at some point of their dating lives, and 88 per cent of the men said they find it “really hot” when the women do so.

The real thing is, when it does comes to going out for dates, 52 per cent of the women think that going Dutch while paying the bill on a date is a good option, while 45 per cent women feel that the man should pay for at least the first date.

According to a whopping 91 percentage of women, a white T-shirt and blue jeans is the s3xiest outfit a man can wear, and this seems to be a very popular choice among the men too. As for 62 per cent of the women, they said they don’t mean to flirt by playing with their hair, but 80 per cent men seem to find it rather attractive.

Sachin Bhatia, co-founder of TrulyMadly, says “Some of these findings even caught me by surprise, specially the one in which girls reveal that playing with their hair doesn’t mean they’re flirting. Who knew”

But coming down to tattoos, 83 per cent women find men with tattoos attractive, while 89 per cent men find tattooed women hot. As many check each other’s social media profiles and selfies before going out on a date or meeting them up, 58 percent women admitted they have checked their male counterpart’s social media posts before going out with them, and 51 percent of the men have done the same.

Always know that bad breath turned out to be a common turn off for both genders.