Ladies: 5 Sure Signs to know he’s interested in you

                           Ladies: 5 Sure Signs to know he’s interested in youLadies: 5 Sure Signs to know he's interested in you
When it comes to showing a girl he’s true feelings for her, men are very weird about that. They would never come out plain to say it for the fear of looking unmanly or being rejected. They are not just programmed that way. But only programmed to display a few signs that should tell you whether or not he is into you.

Let it be know to you that while the signs mentioned in this article are backed by various researches, it is possible that these generalizations do not extend to the man in question. Most men are found to display the following signs when they are so attracted by a woman:

1. He starts talking like you

Whether or not he even realizes this, men will start talking, and in some cases, acting like you if they like you. They’ll mirror your words and even your tone at times. Their previous behaviors might get enhanced as they go out with you. Why? Basically it’s something even women at times do and the reason is very plain and simple: We mirror each other to appear more likeable and compatible to each other.

2. He’ll turn macho

When out on a date, does he choose the manlier option? For example, he might order a macho-style dish, for example a steak, rather than going for some delicious pasta. Just like women who might choose to eat salads to look lady-like, men might go for the manlier option when ordering to make themselves seem manlier to you.

3. He teases you

Think back to high school. Boys that tortured and teased you were the ones that ended up crushing on you madly. Since there is a boy inside every man, the same rule can be applied to men. While they may not be putting gum in your hair, they will lightly tease and taunt you. Seems childish? It really isn’t. No man wants a girl that uptight and lacking a sense of humor. This is their way of testing it your “girlfriend potential” out.

4. He’ll walk with you

If a guy likes you, he’ll imitate your speed so as to walk along with you. While this is a very slight change that even he might not be aware of, research showed that men tend to walk at a slower pace when they are walking with someone they are attracted to. This may be because they are enjoying their time with you and there is no other place they rather be.

5. He has a hard time concentrating

This doesn’t just happen in movies, men really do at times find themselves at a difficulty to concentrate or pay attention when they are with someone they like. They may find themselves to be at a loss of words or may seem to be lost in their own world. But before you get angry at him for being rude, you should know why his brain just can’t concentrate: It’s too occupied thinking of ways to impress you and making sure that the date goes smoothly. And while this may be the exact reason your date might not be going so well, just understand that he can’t help himself and the best way you can bring him back from his daze is by making sure he feels comfortable around you.

Ever noticed any of the above in any guy? was that a yes!. Then why wait and hang around your room lonely stressing the hell out of that pet when you already have a date.. Come on, go out there and live life to the fullest with him..#Winks