Read the main reason why men dump women

Read the main reason why men dump women

Read the main reason why men dump women

In actuality, men are much less obsessed with the way you look or your status than you think. And often, you are the one who is afraid of commitment … true commitment. Sure, maybe you’re gung ho about getting married, buying a house, starting a family … but are you actually committed to him? Or do you just want to add some milestones to your Facebook timeline? Guys can tell, and they don’t want to be a pawn. They want to be listened to and loved like a man.

So here are the real reasons why men dump women, straight from them to you

1. You’ve become the clichéd “nag” without even realizing it

Men know they screw up sometimes. They forget that you have a “certain way” of stacking the dishes in the cupboards. They sometimes leave their shoes on in the house. They snore. But you need to lay off sometimes. It gets to them.

2. You don’t trust your man, and they get sick of explaining.

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The worrier in you is there to protect you, but sometimes it can be your enemy. For instance, it can be your enemy when you turn every glance at a woman, every late night out, and every missed phone call into a potential cheating episode. When he tells you something, you need to have trust.

3. You dredge up the past at every opportunity, and it gets to be too much.

Again, he has made mistakes. But who hasn’t? And no one wants to relive their mistakes again and again. Especially if he has already apologized many times, you need to learn how to leave the past behind.

4. You try to change them, whether you realize it or not.

They may never be that man who wears those shirts you love. He may never love wine tasting. You need to accept that and love him for who he is instead of who you want him to be.

5. You don’t listen.

Finally, men are sensitive. You may not think they are or that they just want to avoid talk of emotions, but they want you to listen. They want to have their feelings heard too.