Ladies: 6 Reason why he’s not just into you

Ladies 6 Reason why he’s not just into you

Ladies 6 Reason why he's not just into you
Yes, we have all spent time asking ourselves questions of where we went wrong, over and over again. Why did my he/she break up with you? The real thing is that you may never know the exact answer but you’ll need to move on regardless. Helping you end all hours of thinking and worries, Below are 6 things that guys would never take in a relationship:

Being envious

Never get jealous of another woman. He will notice your lack of self confidence. Envy is feature that can make the most beautiful woman very unattractive.

Being demanding

Definitely, you’d want to express your opinion on a date, but no one likes being bossed around. Never confuse confidence with pride and remember to let your date talk about what they like to do, too.

Acting phony

Don’t think that a man can’t see when you aren’t being sincere. If you pretended to love motorcycles just to impress him, he’ll feel hurt when he finds out. He wants you to be yourself. The person you are supposed to be with will love that you don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

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