Ladies: 6 Reason why he’s not just into you

7 Signs He Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About You


When you’re vulnerable and being emotionally overbearing, there are two separate categories. It’s fine to open up and be honest about what is happening in your life; that is what makes you genuine! However, constant crying, complaining and moodiness are not going to convince anyone to stick around. Being a positive person is much more attractive.

When you’re done mourning the loss of your relationship, always take your time to evaluate why he broke things off. Take the chance to learn from this relationship, improve yourself and realize what qualities in a person will make you happiest.

Following the crowd

Guys are very observant when it comes to this, and yes he’ll notice if you just follow the crowd. Men are looking for women who are original, unique and independent; not those who can’t think for themselves. Develop your sparkling personality instead of following the crowd to catch a winner.

Acting dramatic

When you start gossiping to your man, he’ll start to wonder what you are saying behind his back. Give people the benefit of the doubt and be kind; your mister will love being with someone who is level-headed and trustworthy.

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