Guys, 5 Ways To Fully Satisfy Her

You can actually give her the satisfaction of a lifetime and make your woman keep coming back for more with these sultry and easy to master moves. Askmen Player has prepared these well garnished tips for your pleasure.
1. She?s for foreplay
Foreplay is not the act of unbuttoning her pants and taking off her bra. A good lover knows that foreplay starts hours before and involves both physical and mental games. The secret is to be patient and to take your time (give it at least two hours).?I never reveal that I?m looking forward to making love to her. Instead, I lead her to believe that I only want to play with her. By the end of the night, my prey is begging me to make love to her.
Taking her clothes off is a great way to start the physical foreplay. However, remember to go slow. Make it as dramatic as possible. You want her to moisten her panties before you get to them. The longer it takes, the more agonisingly thrilling it becomes for her.
Remove one piece of clothing at a time with your hands and lips. As you take off each article, simultaneously take the time to massage that particular body part. When it comes down to the lingerie, you could even use a pair of scissors to make it more exciting. But remember that women?s lingerie is very expensive; so, if you?re going to snip snip, make sure to surprise her with new lingerie the next time you see her. You will definitely earn bonus points for your thoughts.
2. Get kinky
She wants you to get kinky. This means tying her up or handcuffing her. When really aroused, most women also enjoy biting. Begin with soft, light nibbles on her back or shoulders, inner thighs, or that sensitive spot behind her knees.

It is important to observe which areas she enjoys most and concentrate on them. You can also blindfold her eyes while she?s tied up; this increases other sensations. You can even try drinking champagne off her navel or melting some ice with the heat generated from her back or the back of her knees. Use your imagination.
3. Deep, probing abilities
Don?t touch her until she?s wet; if she still isn?t, then continue with the foreplay. Remember to clean your hands first ? especially your fingernails.?Instead of putting saliva on my fingertips like most men do, I wet her lower lips with my tongue. It?s sexier and does not seem as mechanical. Your finger should then slip in and press lightly against her G-spot. If she talks to God (?Oh God! Oh God!?), add a finger or two and continue to move slowly in and out.
4. Master oral s*x
It is only gentlemanly of me to provide pleasure first and hopefully longer than she will reciprocate the deed. I like to slowly snuggle in and inhale the aroma and taste. I sometimes add strawberry flavored lubrication to improve the taste.
While she?s lying on her back, dip down and take the inside lips into your mouth (never use your teeth or blow inside her). Let some saliva from your mouth get the whole area wet. Then grab the uppermost section of her inner lips between your lips and gently rub them back and forth against each other. Women also appreciate a lot of tongue action when it comes to oral s*x.
5. Make her orgasm
In a perfect world, she orgasms before you do, but because life is so unfair, most men climax before their lovers. If this is the case, remember how good it felt and how unfair it would be for you to deny your lover the same orgasmic pleasure.
After you climax, enjoy and savor it, but then hop right back into action until she finally reaches orgasm. If she still didn?t orgasm and you no longer have the energy to have intercourse, then I suggest you go down on her and do it for as long as you can without crying. Remember, your reputation is on the line.