Ladies! 5 Things you do daily that makes you INFERTILE

Ladies 5 Things you do daily that makes you INFERTILE

Honestly, infertility extremely a very complicated. Its no hidden fact that women undergo years of trying to conceive, all to be heartbroken from one negative pregnancy test to another. Usually there’s no simple answer to why you can’t get pregnant, and am i won’t try to attempt to address all of them.

Also, some medical conditions and chronic diseases can lead to this problem when trying to have a baby. Generally you are born with or as well develop those issues, but trying to avoid these small things every day can help keep you safe from unnecessary complications in getting pregnant. Here are those things you do in your everyday life that could make you not to be fertile..

1. Certain medications

This could possibly be affecting your fertility chances. If you are taking medications. Some medications like antidepressants hampers with your hormones. Try talking to your doctor about whether this could be happening to you, but NEVER stop taking medications without your doctor’s recommendation first.

2. Stress

You know doctors can never have all information for why this negativity affects your reproductive system, but from angle, stress may be the cause for about 30 percent of infertility problems in women. When you telling someone in the middle of a pressure to calm down has never been helpful, but finding what helps you relieve your stress might just do the magic for you.

3. Eating junk food

Junky foods may seem like the perfect remedy for your horrible day, but always filling your body with junk rather than the nutrients it importantly needs can affect your reproductive hormones. You need foods with zinc and vitamins B6 and D, and finally monounsaturated fats. Try cheesy crackers with sunflower seeds, throw an avocado in your salad, poach an egg for breakfast or make your pancakes out of buckwheat. With the help of this, you will get some of those nutrients that you’re starving for.

4. Using lube

Lubricants affects the sperm, making it much more difficult to get pregnant, based on a study carried out in State University of New York Upstate Medical Center. It was found that Pre-Seed was a safe lube to use if you were trying to conceive. The study discovered that baby oil or mineral oil is also a safe lube, but NEVER use other oils without knowing if they are safe or not. For example, Sesame oil, slows the sperm movement.

5. Being overweight (or underweight)

Greatly, your weight also affects your periods. If you are an extreme/FAT in either of these class, Then it would be very difficult for pregnancy.