Six Things Wives Appreciate From Their Husbands

Things Wives Appreciate

Things Wives Appreciate

Every woman wants to remain the apple of her husband’s eye, whether at 25 or at 80. Wives appreciate gestures that show that their husbands consider them in their decisions and that they still love them.

Here are six gesture that wives appreciate from their husbands:


This never gets old; women like and appreciate being given thoughtful gifts by their husbands. They also enjoy being given lavish and expensive gifts. This shows that they are in thoughts of such a man.

Public appreciation and praise

Women appreciate it when their husbands are proud of them and appreciate them publicly. They also appreciate when their husbands praise their good qualities publicly before friends and family.


Wives appreciate their husbands pay them compliments about their looks, their abilities, their wit or their roles as wives and mothers among other things.

A woman really appreciates when her husband tells her that she’s beautiful, that she turns him on or that she is the best wife or mother.


Women feel respected and appreciated when their husband make it a habit to consult and seek their input not just on matters that concern the family but about issue that concern the man personally like his career or his personal goals.


Women think it’s cool when their husbands help around the house. Sharing domestic and household chore or minding the kids is one way to show a wife as a husband that you care for and love her.

Active Fatherhood

Women are pleased with men who take the responsibilities of fatherhood seriously and are invested in the day to day parenting of the kids. This makes a lot of wives happy because they can see that their husbands care about building up the children and care about the welfare of the family