Do You Know These 20 Facts About Marriage?

Do You Know These 20 Facts About Marriage?

Do You Know These 20 Facts About Marriage?

Do You Know These 20 Facts About Marriage?

Weddings happen all the time and every person probably knows or is related more than ten people who are married. There’s so much information about weddings and marriages out there and we probably think we know all there is to know. But is that really true? How much do you really know about marriage?

Check out these 20 facts about marriage and see if you know that mush about marriage:

1. The tradition of exchanging rings on the wedding day has its roots in ancient Egyptian times.

2. The word “bride” which is used to describe the woman getting married to a man has its roots in an ancient proto-germanic word which means “to cook.”

3. For an average married couple, the frequency of sex is about 68.5 times a year which would be equal to a little more than once a week.

4. People who get married between the ages of 28 and 32 are least likely to split in the following years.

5. A sexless marriage is one in which there are less than 10 encounters in a year.

6. Inter-racial marriages in the in the U.S have only been legal for about 50 years now. From 1776 to 1976, they were banned and against the law.

7. For every 5 married couples, at least one of them has a sexless marriage

8. People who have to commute or travel to work for 45-minutes or more per day have been found to be more prone to divorce. Their marriages are 40% more likely to end in divorce.

9. In Iran, men can now marry their adopted daughters who are up to the age of 13. This law was passed in 2013.

10. Did you know that until very recently, you could go to jail for cheating in South Korea. It was only in 2015 that infidelity stop being an offence that could attract a prison time there. Who knew?

11. In 2013, a survey showed that 74% of young Indians preferred an arranged marriage to a free choice marriage. Imagine that.

12. You can marry a dead person that is if you live in France. The laws in France permit anyone who is interested in marrying a dead person to do so.

13. Nero, the Roman Emperor, was once a bride. He married one of his free men, deciding to take the role of the bride.

14. Bad news – 69% of marriages in Ethiopia happen through abduction. Wonder what sex the abductors are? It shouldn’t be hard to guess.

15. It’s strange but it’s true – studies have shown that couples who spend more money on their wedding have higher divorce rates. On the converse, studies also show that couples who spend less on their weddings tend to have marriages that last longer.

16. A surprising thing; a study in the U.S found that mail-order marriages are less likely to end in divorce than all marriages in general.

17. Gamophobia – the fear of being in a relationship or getting married.

18. Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez, a Mexican couple were engaged for about 67 years. The question to probably ask is why?

19. According to a U.S survey, at least one in three of every newlyweds is surprised by the spending habits of their spouses. They say it is not what they expected. No wonder they say that marriages is full of surprises!

20. The longest marriage that has been recorded lasted 91 years and 12 days.

Do you know any other facts about marriage? Please feel free to share them in the comments section.