Ladies; Stop These Bedroom Mistakes Now!

Ladies; Stop These Bedroom Mistakes Now!

Bedroom Mistakes: Fake orgasm


Ladies there are just some things you need to stop doing in the bedroom. Your man doesn’t appreciate it and you’re no happier for it so just stop.

Here are some of those don’ts you need to increase your bedroom ratings:

Untidy Nest

It’s not like you need slave keep everything spick and span but you really need to keep your bedroom, which is also your (major) love nest tidy. Try to keep junk and clutter out. Strange odours, dusty, and children’s business don’t mix well with intimacy and bedroom action.

Love making is a time to shut out distractions and focus on each other’s desires; if your bedroom is full of all kinds of stuff, this may not be possible. Keep it tidy, airy, and roomy; you get the drift right?

Fake Orgasms

You may think you’re trying to be kind and not hurt his ego but not really, or at least not in the long run. For one thing denying your own pleasure is something that will leave you unfulfilled. This may show up later in your relationship in unpalatable ways. Also, you’re giving a misleading impression that does not allow for things to be worked out and adjustments to be made.

Your man is grown and he can handle that not-so-satisfactory feedback. Speak up and things will actually become more fun.

Say it’s no big deal

You’ve heard that men think about sex twice as often as women? Well, it turns out this is fact backed up by research. So that time in the sack is really important to him and you too.

Sex is also important for women; it helps to relieve a lot of tensions and makes them feel wanted. On the general, your relationship will benefit from frequent physical intimacy. This makes sex important.

Blurt out every problem

Yes, you been told to talk about bedroom matters but you to be wise and sensitive. Sex is  sensitive topic and you need raise your concerns in a way that is demeaning or hurtful.

Try to keep to the important stuff; don’t itemize every petty detail or talk about every negative you noticed. Use positive language and avoid a critical or exaggerative tone. Cushion your submissions with encouragement. Make suggestions in a suggestive and not authoritative tone. In the midst of this, be clear about what you are addressing; don’t be shy or ambiguous. Make sure you pass the message in a way that will bring improvement.

Abandon your appearance

Men are turned on by what they see; this is also a science-backed fact. While women can be aroused by variety of other means, men get aroused mostly by visual cues. So if you take time to put on a lingerie or keep thing fresh and tidy, you’re really doing him and your love life a favour.

Discuss everything

Yes, he’s your soul-mate, confidante, best friend and everything but bedroom action time is really not the time to talk about work, the kids, money or what he did last week. It’s not sexy, it’s not alluring.

You can make things more fun by learning to avoid stressful topics when things are getting cosy. Talk about the issues when the mood is more serious and non-suggestive