Relationships: 3 Things That You Need To Build Trust


Trust is important for a relationship to be strong and healthy. Trust also gives a relationship the chance of lasting longer and providing peace to those in it. Any relationship where trust is missing brings with it a lot of insecurities and makes love and friendship uncomfortable. This is why the trust is a major foundation of every good relationship.

These 3 things are important to building trust in a relationship


Honesty is really important to building trust in any relationship. For trust to be established in a relationship, both parties must have a disposition of honesty and maintain it.

No one should be seen to be coy with important information or keeping secrets and lying will definitely destroy trust.


In addition to being honest, vulnerability helps to breed trust in a relationship. Vulnerability can be describes as being real; laying yourself open, faults and all. It’s not an exercise in pointing out your faults but it’s about giving the other person to all parts of yourself even those parts you don’t like. Where there’s vulnerability, both are able to identify with each other better because they become more believable to each other and therefore more trustworthy


For trust to grow in any relationship, there must be faithfulness. Both parties must know that not can they trust what the other party says but also what they do especially when the other person is not there.

Trust is built when people know that they can count on you whether they are there or not.