10 Things You Do That Annoy Your Loved Ones

10 Things You Do That Annoy Your Loved Ones

10 Things You Do That Annoy Your Loved Ones

You may really be pissing off the people that love you even though they are not saying. Or maybe they’ve been reacting negatively to your actions and you’ve simply refused to heed the warning signs.

Sometimes we use the familiarity and closeness of our relationships as an excuse to take people for granted and not improve on our behaviour. This may not be wise because it may eventually strain our relationships or even lead to their unexpected end. It is better to change than to lose those that are precious to us.

Here are ten annoying things you may be doing to your loved ones.

Refusing to apologize

You know you’re in the wrong or your errors have been pointed out to you but you still refuse to say you’re sorry. Don’t be mistaken, your loved ones are not only unhappy about it, it’s getting on their nerves.

Spilling secrets

This is a bad habit and you need to change; when people confide in you, they don’t expect you to make news of it. Even if you are discussing it with somebody that is also close to them, they don’t appreciate it.

Flirting with your partner’s friends

This doesn’t even make sense and your partner is not finding it funny. Better to stop it because it’s totally uncool.

Being too nosy

Let them have their space; just because they are close to you doesn’t mean that they want to or they have to tell you everything.

Calling them names

Being angry or upset is not an excuse, this is a nasty habit and you need to stop it.

Throwing and breaking stuff

Again, your being angry is not a good enough excuse; you’re acting without self-control and it’s not only scary, it annoying and irritating. The apologies that you make afterwards are not enough, stop it.

Drinking too much

It’s embarrassing, it’s annoying and it’s not good for your health. Stop it while you still can and if you can’t, get help fast.


It’s super-annoying, and no relationship is going to be able to stand your constant lying for too long. Change now and save your relationships.

Inappropriate dressing

This is so true; stop wearing clothes that are too tight, inappropriate for your age or inappropriate for occasions. It’s not cool; may be it was at one time but now it’s embarrassing and annoying.

Next time when you hear your friends or your spouse asking if you shouldn’t wear something else, they’re probably trying to tell you it’s inappropriate.

Dominating the conversation

Let other people talk, so that they can stop cursing you in their minds; you’re not the only who has read books or the only one with a mouth. Plus you’re saying a lot things that are not true and it’s embarrassing everyone.