Why You Should Say “I love you” Often

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Talk is cheap but like so many other cheap things in life (cotton buds, toothpick, bread, etc.), talk is very necessary. There are lot of things that people know (or not?) but still expect us to say like “I love you”, for instance.

Nobody, no matter how tough or nonchalant they act, would mind if they heard their loved ones tell them they loved them from time to time. Telling that special person, our family and friends, may really be more important than we think. If we think how much we personally enjoy it when we are told those three magic words, we can get a clue to why we should say “I love you” more often.

Here are some further clues to make us believers:

It makes them happy

There’s joy in their hearts when your loved ones hear you say that you love them. Even those grumpy teenagers; who act like it’s too fussy or uncool.

Your spouse or partner will remember your “I love you”s sometime during the day and have a huge smile on his/her face. If you haven’t made a habit of it, start saying I love you to them daily.

It makes your relationship stronger

You may not believe it but telling your partner, your children or loved ones that you love them regularly strengthens your relationship with them. When they have challenges or have some good news, you pop in their minds as the first person to tell about it. Who better to share your daily life with than the person who loves you?

It shows them it’s not occasional

If you make a habit of telling your loved ones that you love them only on rare occasions, especially young children, they might imagine that you only love them on certain occasion when you approve of their actions or you feel good.

Telling them you love them regularly or daily, even when you have disagreements or they’ve hurt you, assures them that it’s steady and unconditional. Knowing that one is loved no matter what is a great confidence booster.

It makes them believe it better

Yes, you may be doing all this stuff for your partner, your kids, your parents, just because you love them and they may not see it like that. Sometimes people get insecure and despite actions that prove they are loved and cherished, they just fail to get it. For one thing, they may believe you’re simply doing out of obligation.

Actions are substance but saying, “I love you” often may just be thing that your loved ones need to believe how much you really care.

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Why You Should Say “I love you” Often

It cushions the hard times

It may seem like nothing, but letting those special people in your life know that you love them makes it easier for them to bear a hard day or some difficult times. It strengthens their resolve because they know there’s someone who cares and wants them around.

Your “I love you”s also make it easier to have some difficult conversations; maybe you want to point out a bad habit or confront them about a bad attitude. Starting by telling them you love them and/or ending the conversation with it might make them listen and respond in a better way.

It’s an important reminder

Humans are forgetful and in the hustle and bustle of life, it doesn’t hurt to be reminded that you’re loved. Sometimes we do some silly and wrong things, because we think nobody cares; saying “I love you” another extra time might be the reminder your loved one needs to get off that edge.


Say I love you today, and tomorrow and always.