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How To Reconcile…..

True and good friends are to be treasured because they are not so easy to come by. But in life, we make mistakes because we’re human and sometimes people who love each other and think very highly of each other fall out because of offences from one or both parties.

The loss of such a valuable relationship can be very painful and leave a hole in both lives. Repairing such a friendship and reconciling with your friend will bring healing and help you to get on with your lives better. Even in the event that such reconciliation fails, knowing that you tried helps to provide closure.

Making an effort to reconcile with an estranged friend is a sign of humility and willingness to forgive. It is a venture that is worth the try because good friendships help to alleviate the troubles of life, provide us with support and give us the gift of persons that we can share the ups and downs of life with.

These steps below are suggestions what can be done to bring about reconciliation with an estranged friend:

1. Own Your stuff

how to reconcile

Be ready to own and accept your share of responsibility for the break down of the friendship. Even when you can recount the other party’s fault or believe them to be more responsible, your concern is own your faults. This is because pointing out the other’s faults, at this delicate time, will not help the reconciliation process.

Besides that, what is most important is that you own and make amends for your errors if you truly desire reconciliation. However, do not not accept blame that is not yours as this may set your reconciliation on a wrong footing of unbalanced compromise that may later result in resentment and further breakdown.

2. Try To Make Amends

how to reconcile

Make amends where you can; apologize,retract any wrong things you’ve said, be the first to request the reinstatement of the friendship. Whatever you can do to restore the relationship (within the limits of reason and morality), do to gain your friend back.

3. Forgive and Move on

Let the past go; you should not keep recalling past wrongs or mistakes at the slightest cause. This will keep reopening old wounds and will not allow your friendship to move forward.

4. Create Something New

Both of you keep changing and keep evolving. Accept the ways in which  your needs and relation to one another have changed. Don’t try to force the old friendship; accept the new ways it is unfolding and build upon your old bond.