Don’t Take Advice from These Kinds of People

Don’t Take Advice from These Kinds of People

About taking advice……

Sometimes we need help; something from other people to help us get where we want to go. Many times, this help will come as sound advice; someone may have a perspective about our situation that we just couldn’t see and that might be all we need.

But it’s not all advice that is useful or necessary and sometimes there are those that are out rightly dangerous or misleading. Many people have been ruined because they took the wrong advice. While it’s true that even the wisest of people can give wrong advice, we can easily cut down on how much misdirection comes our way when we simply stop listening to the wrong people.

While we do have the prerogative to accept or reject the advice we get, we must understand that what we hear or listen to can have a big impact on our decisions.

To save the cost of regrets and unnecessary failures, it’ll be better to avoid advice from these kinds of people:

Always negative

You don’t want to take advice from someone who has a pessimistic and negative outlook to life. Negativity produces an unbalanced view of things; it favours doom even where there is evidence that optimism is more realistic. Negativity will preach safety even when it is more favourable to venture out and take risks; it keeps people small. This is not the kind of place from which you want to receive direction

Always fearful

A fearful mind is an unbalanced mind; to base your decisions on the projections or opinions of a fearful person is not only wrong, it is dangerous. Fear breeds unfounded desperation and cuts one off from sound reasoning, which is needed to make the right decisions.

Overly superstitious

A superstitious mind is uncritical; it deals in the realm of mystery, dogma and credulity. Taking advice from such sources may mean leaving behind rational and clear courses of action for impracticality that may yield nothing, compound a situation or may even be dangerous.


Taking advice or direction from arrogant people is not the best because they often have an exaggerated opinion of themselves and may not know as much as they claim to.

Never Listens to You

Don’t take advice from people whom you have discovered do not listen to you. What kind of guidance does anyone want to provide on a subject-matter that they have not taken time to understand? If a person is in the habit dishing out suggestions and advice even before you’re done talking, don’t listen to them.

People who don’t believe in you

If they don’t believe in you, they probably don’t have a good understanding of your capabilities and desires; they don’t really know or want to know you. Letting them offer you direction is not a wise thing to do

Don’t Know You

Again unless it’s about a very general matter like the colour of the sky, you can’t trust a person who doesn’t know you; your challenges, desires, capabilities, et cetera, to give you advice.

Even when you’re seeking advice from a professional like a doctor or lawyer, they have to do the due diligence of familiarizing themselves with what your challenge or desire is, right?

Always believe they know best

This could be out of arrogance, could be because they are older, or for any other reason but there are people in our lives who simply think what they have to say is always the best thing to do.

This kind of people, just like those who don’t know or believe in you, cannot give you advice that takes your own peculiarities into consideration. Except it’s a very general matter, you shouldn’t be sitting at the feet of such a person

No Expertise or experience

Obviously, you don’t want to follow advice from someone who has no experience or expertise in an area that is of interest to you. It’s not wise.

A person with experience can give counsel from the angle of how they succeeded or why they failed among other things. This is useful but someone with no experience will probably just be guessing. You can guess on your own, you don’t need help with that.

Please Note:

Sometimes good and profitable advice does come from the most unexpected sources, so in as much as you look out for these kinds of people, you may give them a chance to have their say. However, make sure you balance it up with a logical examination and the counsel of more objective mind(s).