Relationships: 6 Things You Must Never Forget

Relationships: 6 Things You Must Never Forget

Relationships: 6 Things You Must Never Forget

In life and relationships, some things are important and some things are not. Often times, in the busyness of life, we mix it all up; we forget what is important and what is not. We need to return to the place of remembrance as often as possible to keep life in perspective and hold on to the things that are most important.

These 6 things you should never forget:

Everybody needs somebody

Pretending like we can do it all by ourselves and make it on our own is one the worst things anyone can do. Behaving or living like this will push away a lot of people who genuinely care about and may make us lose the affections of those we love.

It’s better to be vulnerable and let people know that we want them around than pretending to be strong and suffering in silence. Remember that you need people around and if you want friends, you must show yourself friendly

Everybody makes mistakes

No matter how good they are, how well behaved they are and how much they love you, they will make mistakes at one point or the other. You need to keep this in mind so that when they make mistakes that hurt you, you can easily understand that it’s part of human nature to err. Your role as some who loves and cares about such a person is to forgive and move on from such events .

If you remember that everyone makes mistakes, you will remember you also make mistakes and that should make it easier for you to forgive and let go of other people’s mistakes.

You can’t get your way all the time

Wanting to get your way all the time is a set-up for misery and failure. You must keep in mind that you are not the only person in the world has needs, expectations and desires. As these yearnings collide and interact, it means you get what you wants and sometimes, other people get what they want at your expense.

If you don’t learn to live with this simple truth, you will have a hard time enjoying your life.

Nobody knows Tomorrow

You can’t plan everything out perfectly; the unplanned and unexpected will always interfere and disrupt some of your plans. To remember this is to understand that you will need to deal with more than you planned for and learn to adapt to unexpected situations.

Unexpected things will happen to you and your loved ones; in many instances this will change the possibilities of what they can and are willing to offer in your relationship. You have to be prepared so that you can deal with it in the best way possible.

You win some, you lose some

In our relationships with people, we must remember that our journey will be fill with both pleasant surprises and unexpected disappointments.

Some of the people we think are our best friends will leave and betray us; some of those that we aren’t too sure about will rise up to the occasion and bring joy and comfort when we least expect it. It’s the nature of life and while we can never plan enough for eat, we should learn to take it in our stride when these things happen.

We should keep our joy by being grateful for those who have given us pleasant surprises and those who have remained faithful.

Sometimes you just need to cry

Everybody needs to cry sometimes; men, women, children – crying is not a crime and anyone who needs to cry has the freedom and right to do it.

Remember that crying is not weakness; it is a show of humanity and helps us heal and process our feelings in a way that nothing else can equal. Remember to cry when you need to, even if you are a man. Remember,  being strong is not be a equalled with not showing emotion; only strong men can allow the loved ones and the world to see what they feel.

Sometimes the only way to get relief is just to cry.