6 Disadvantages of Being Too Busy for relationships

6 Disadvantages of Being Too Busy for relationships

6 Disadvantages of Being Too Busy for relationships

Too much of everything is bad and that includes being busy. While it’s important not to be idle and do one’s work with diligence, it’s an imbalanced way of life to be constantly working or constantly busy. This is an extreme that makes it clear that certain things will suffer for this anomaly.

When people are workaholics or too busy, it affects their relationships and those that stick around will often need a great deal of understanding to cope with such a situation.

Overly busy people, on their own part, are often overwhelmed with work because they are doing too much at once, they have no one too delegate or because they believe that no one can get the job done. People may also be extremely busy because they are trying to make ends meet to provide for their loved ones, because they are trying accomplish certain dreams  and ambitions or because they are not yet in a place where they can afford to get help. Sometimes also, people may be doing too much because they’re not organized or because they don’t have the right support in life.

Whatever the case, being too busy often come with many disadvantages for our relationships and love life. Here are some of them:

People feel neglected

No matter the reason for being busy, a person’s loved ones are often unhappy about it. They may begin to feel very lonely and neglected when the persons seems to be able to spare no time at all for them. This is why there is need for one to organize one’s time and work properly so as to have to attend to other important things in life like our partners, children and loved ones

You miss important moments

People who are too busy often miss significant, landmark moments in the lives of their loved ones. Parents miss all the important and precious moments in their children’s life, spouses are not available when they should share moments with their loved ones and family.

This kind of misses often make those busy parties to seem distant from their loved after some times because no new memories are being made with them.

The bond of love is disconnected

It’s often said that distance make the heart grow fonder but this when there is constant communication and attention. Being busy all the time is like being in a person’s life without being there. This eventually may lead to a disconnect in the relationship and this is often reflected in the fact that couples or loved ones may no longer know a lot of important developments about each other.

People become independent of you

It’s like they don’t need that person anymore because they do everything without him/her. It cannot be over-stressed that relationships need tending and when the nurture gets lost, it’s like both parties revert to the period when they were not in each other’s lives. They become independent of each which means that they can afford to lose each other

Decisions are taken without you

In a situation where one or both parties are two busy, a common trend that everyday decisions which are important to the continuous bonding of the relationship get taken without the other person and before you know there is a whole lot of stuff that the other person doesn’t know about.

There is resentment

There is often a lot of expressed or unexpressed resentment when one or both parties are too busy for each other in a relationship. This kind of resentment can sometimes break a relationship faster than even infidelity.

At other times, partners and family members may resent the job or career that makes their loved one so busy and no longer wish him/her well at it.