Ladies, Five Things You Should Always Tell Your Man

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Things to tell him…..

He struts around with his shoulders squared and acts like he doesn’t have a thing to worry about. He’s always there for you and you call on him to help you whenever you need him. That is all good as long as you know that he needs you too. And sometimes when he asks for a little help, he actually needs much more.

Ladies, you need to know that that man in your is just as human as you are; he has his doubts and insecurities and he’s not always feeling as confident as he might act.

While you can’t take over his life and try to solve all his problems for him, there are a whole lot of things that you can say to strengthen him and keep him going.

things to tell him
Ladies, Five Things You Should Always Tell Your Man

Here are five major things to tell him always:

“I Love You”

You can’t say this enough and while you might think it’s not that much, it means a whole lot to him. Letting your partner know that you love him, not only helps to keep the romance alive but it helps to boost his morale knowing that someone special really cares about him.

“How Are You?”

This is an important question that you can ask in so many ways, one of which is, “how was your day?” Asking how he’s doing, how his day went or how he is, shows that he you are mindful of him. It shows that you care what goes on in his life and that he’s not just some warm-body, or fat cheque book that you’re passing time with.

You should ask about your man’s welfare regularly and listen to what he has to say.

“I believe in you”

You should say this sincerely from the bottom of your heart and if you don’t believe in him, let’s hope it’s just a fling because you shouldn’t be dating someone you don’t believe in.

If you do believe in him, then you should let him know regularly. He might not act like it but he needs to hear you say it. Knowing that he has you in his corner will encourage him to go out and conquer.

“I can’t get enough of you”

He wants to know that you find him attractive, that you want to be intimate with him and you can’t wait for those times when you have him all to yourself. Don’t ever assume that he knows these things; he might be a sexy hunk but he really needs to hear it from his special lady.

This is good stuff that keeps the fire burning in your relationship.

I Trust You

Trust is an important factor in relationships; you need to let your man know that you trust him. When he’s out there in the world faced with so many challenges and temptations, he needs to know that you trust his judgement and his integrity. Where there is no trust, a relationship can’t be strong.

Strengthen the bond of your love by letting him know he has your trust.