5 Ways to say NO to a Man and mean it

5 Ways to say NO to a Man and mean it
5 Ways to say NO to a Man and mean it
There is always this face every woman wears when they see a man coming and he looks like he wants to ask them for more than I am ready to offer.

Having realized that, most ladies are not good with rejection because he will ask why and they can’t always lie that you are busy because now he will ask, ‘Even on Sunday afternoon you are working?’ And he will know your answer is a lie.

Then they end up not being able to tell a man, ‘You are not my type because he will ask me, what my type is and to be quite honest, they’re not quiet sure of having particular because they just know from the onset if I can date a man or  not. It rarely has anything to do with height, or whatever. Then there is also his ego you do not want to bruise. It might be easy for some people to be mean but at times you learn that if you can do away with something without going about it the horrible way then why not.

Be honest

If all else fails, be honest. Not brutal but just say, you do not see a situation between the two of you. If you say future, the man will ask you why you can’t just test the beginning to see where it goes. If you do not want to do any testing, don’t do it.

You have to have a face

What do I mean? It is like a sort of professional face; it will make someone think twice before coming to you with bad rubbish. That man will not even ask you the moment you put that face on because he will just wonder if he is ready to wake up to it even for a week. Once you wear a mean face, the man will foresee the rejection and not even approach you with a proposal. Problem is when you are unknowingly doing it and now your crush will not even approach you.

Never tell a man you are too busy, you cannot be in a relationship

That man will wait; if he is determined he will wait and the drama will happen when you eventually find someone and this guy tells you they have been ignoring everyone for you. You don’t want that luggage, trust me! You will be uncomfortable.

You are in a relationship

I once told a man no and like I said some people ask the whys and what is wrong with them and now you are out of excuses. I did not want to hurt his feelings so after all the running around with excuses I just said I had a boyfriend. I did not have one but some people cannot take no.

Stay on platonic topics

Don’t approach any subjects about what you are up to on a weekend or what you enjoy doing because the next question will be, ‘If you are not busy this weekend we can go eat at this place.’ Sometimes it is not just food when a man tells you to go eat. Unless you pay for yourself and even if you do you will find yourself fielding questions about your love life. Now he knows you are single and you cannot make up an imaginary boyfriend to put the man back in the friend zone.