Things You should know before dating a FUNNY Guy

Things i think you should know before dating a funny GUYThings i think you should know before dating a funny GUY
I really do not need to be a woman, or to conduct a poll on female behaviour to confidently assert that ALL WOMEN LIKE FUNNY GUYS.

OK, a very large percentage of you females, really, if we are being totally accurate.

I would normally go in search of empirical scientific evidence to back this point, but hey, there’s really no one contesting this, right? Cool. We can get on with it now.

It is established, and even we guys know that once you get her smiling so much on your first date, or on first contact, you stand a good chance of winning her over.

So, women, is it really totally OK to date a guy just because he makes you bare your pretty dentition, [or not so pretty, depending on which category you fall into], or is there any other thing you need to look out for before taking the plunge with him?

Let’s talk about some things you must know about this specie of men before you bend over in laughter, sorry, fall in love with them.

They hide pain really well

This explains itself. A funny boyfriend is always jovial and appears excited almost always. However, this could be just a cover for some deep pain they are going through. Do not be surprised that you might not even suspect that he is sometimes going through some really difficult situations.
He will not be funny with you all the time

On these rare occasions, just give him space, please. No matter how terribly you need him to raise your own mood, you have to be selfless and just let him be. Enough said.

They joke even about the most serious stuff

Yep. Do not be surprised that there will be instances when you are really angry, breathing fire and all he does in response is just to laugh at you, or crack stupid jokes about the matter. It’s gonna happen.

Almost every bad situation gets better with them

This one is a no brainer. A funny guy is always the best thing to have around in almost all the not-so-nice moods a girl usually goes through. You just had a fight with your bestie, or maybe it’s menstrual cramps, mood swings… name it. A funny boyfriend can easily help you through all these with a big, big smile on your face.

Nope. They don’t always want a career in comedy

Please, please and please. Don’t ever, at any point, start to bug him to become a professional comedian. Sure, you could suggest it to him, but bear in mind that some of them want to pursue careers totally different from comedy.

Having this feelings of me not saying it all? or that i left out something, please feel free to use the comment box below.